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The new DCC system went live in Jan 2009 and is available here.

All type D- documents (Drawings & CAD) were migrated to the new system on 9 Sep 2010.
All type E- documents (Engineering Documentation) were migrated on 29 Oct 2010.
All type T- documents (Technical Notes, Informal) were migrated on 15 Dec 2010.
All type G- documents (Presentations, e.g., Graphics) were migrated on 10 Feb 2011.
All type C- documents (Contractual/Procurement) were migrated on 24 Mar 2011.
All type M- documents (Management/Policy) were migrated on 23 Jun 2011.
All type P- documents (Publications/Formal Notes) were migrated on 10 Oct 2011.
All type L- documents (Letters) were migrated on 12 Jan 2012.

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