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General Information and Quick Tips
  • Enter the minimum amount of information to find the document you are looking for. You don't need to fill in all the boxes.
  • Enter terms in lower case. Searches are case independent.
  • Search for an author by last name.
  • Search for the most unique word in a title or keyword.
  • Search for any part of a contractor document number.

Detailed Information By Field
Document No

Enter as much of the document number as you know. You may use upper or lower case for the letters. The following are all valid entries.

Select a category from the pull-down list.
Document Year
Select a year from the pull-down list.
Select the group or department from the pull-down list.
Title Words

Enter a word or phrase that may appear in the title. You will retrieve a document if the word or phrase appears anywhere in the title, not just at the beginning.

Phrases are searched exactly as you type them. If you type thermal noise you will retrieve titles with the words 'thermal' and 'noise' next to each other, for example, "A Study of Thermal Noise". You will not retrieve "A Study of Noise From Thermal Sources". To cover all the bases, do a search on the title word 'thermal'.

Be creative! Remember that the title is assigned by the author, not the DCC. If you don't find your document, try some variations. If 'PSL' doesn't work, try 'prestabilized laser' or 'pre-stabilized laser' or 'laser' or just 'stabilized'.

Author Name

Enter the author's last name. If necessary, please refer to the Author List of names.

For a more specific search, you may enter the first name and last name as they appear in the Author List. For example, you may search for 'Barry' or 'Barish' or 'Barry Barish'. But 'B Barish' will give a zero result because 'B Barish' is not in the Author List.

Please realize that the author of a document may be a team, such as 'ASC Group', or a corporation, such as 'Ralph M. Parsons Company'.


Enter a keyword word. If necessary, please refer to the Keyword List.

For a more specific search, you may enter the keyword phrase exactly as it appears in the Keyword List. For example, you may search for 'laser'. For a more specific search, search for 'Pre-stabilized Laser' or 'Argon Laser'.

Contractor Doc No
Enter all or part of the contractor document number.
Submit Search
After you enter your search terms, press the Submit Search button to process your search.
New Search
Press the New Search button to clear existing search terms.

Last updated on March 6, 2000