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[A]Keyword Description
AB AsphaltA & B Asphalt, Inc.
AbileneAbilene Sponsored Research
ABMBABMB Engineers Incorporated
ABRA.B.R. Enterprises, Inc.
AC DelloA.C. Dellovade, Inc.
acbarm cavity baffle
AcceptAcceptance Tests/Test Reports
AccumuAccumulators, Inc.
AccuracyAccuracy Range
AccurateAccurate Manufacturing Company
AccuratusAccuratus Ceramic Corporation
ACIArizona Castings, Inc.
ACIGAAustralian Consortium (ACIGA)
AcmeAcme Materials
AcroAcro Service Corporation
ActionAction Items
ADAubert & Duval
Added DisconnectAdded Disconnect Switch
AdlerAdler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum
AdsNewspaper Ad
AECAmerican Electrical Contractors
AEIAmerican Electric, Inc.
AerialAerial View
AeroAero Machineshop
AESAmerican Electronic Systems
AgendaMeeting Agenda
AIAllloys International
AIDActive Internal Damping
AIGOAustralian International GW Observatory
AIPAmerican Institute Of Physics
AirAir Signature
Air LiquidAir Liquid America Corporation
Air ProdAir Products and Chemicals, Inc.
AirtrolAirtrol Inc.
ALACAir Liquide America Corporation
AlcastAlcast Foundry, Inc.
AlliedAllied Engineering & Production Corp.
AlloyAlloy Machining & Honing
AmAstro Met, Inc.
AmalAmalgamated Technologies, Inc.
AmaldiAmaldi '99 Conference
AmericanAmerican Electric
AmerionAmerion, LLC
AncoAnco Insulations, Inc.
AnixterAnixter Bros. Inc.
AnnualAnnual Report
ANSIAmerican Nat'l Standards Institute
AntennaAntenna Response
ANUThe Australian National University
AonAon Risk Services, Inc.
APAcceptance Procedure/Plan
APDAPD Cryogenics, Inc.
ApexApex Machine Tool Co.
APIAmerican Panel Industries
ApolloApollo Sheet Metal, Inc.
APPApplicant Information/application
AppliedApplied Integration Management
ApunixApunix Computer Services
Arb0rtextArbortext, Inc.
ArbortextArbortext Inc.
ArcArchitectural Drawings
ARCAArm Cavity Baffle
ArgonArgon Laser
As BuiltAs-built
ASCOASCO Engineering Co.
ASDAdjustable Speed Drive
AshJ. Ash & Associates
AshbaughAshbaugh Corrosion Consulting Services
ASIAlliance Spacesystems, Inc.
ASISAstrophysical Source Ident. & Signature
AskewAskew Hardware
ASPAmerican Specialty Products
AspenAspen Winter Conference On Grav. Waves
AssetsAssets Protection System Assoc.
AssociatedAssociated Rentals, Inc.
ASTAll Star Telecommunications
AstroAstro Pak
ATCApplied Technology Council
ATFAmerican Thin Films
AtlasAtlas Technologies
ATPAcceptance Test Plan
ATRAcceptance Test Review
AugustaAugusta Fiberglass
AURIGA/INFNExperiment Antenna Ultracriogenica-Italy
AvalabAvalab Super Insulation
AvsAdvanced Visual Systems
AVSIAdvanced Visual Systems, Inc.
AWUAssociated Western Universities, Inc.
[B]Keyword Description
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BabcockBabcock & Wilcox
BarbbrosBarber Brothers Contracting Co., In
BardenBarden & Nelson
BatelleBatelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories
BattelleBattelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories
BcBuilding & Construction Trades Council
BCIBethlehem Construction, Inc.
BCPDBenton County Planning Department
BCTCBuilding & Construction Trades Coun
bdbeam dump
Beam JitterBeam Jitter
Beam SplitterBeam Splitter
BechtelBechtel National, Inc.
BeckmanBeckman Institute - Surf Program
BelcanBelcan Techservices
bellBell Telephone Laboratories
BenchmarkBenchmark Business Systems, Inc.
BendickBendick Precision, Inc.
BentonBenton Rea
Benton PudBenton Pud
BeowulfDistributed Computing Technology
BernhardBernhard Mechanical
bfccBF Carbon Construction
BGSBurns Guard Services
BHABill Hawkins & Associates
BICBuilding/Infrastructure Construction
BiddersBidders Meeting/Conference
BidsBid Responses/Clarifications
BiologicalBiological Assessment
BIOSBIOS Group, Inc.
BISSBurns Int'l Security Services
BKIBruel And Kjaer Instruments
Black GlassBlack Glass
Black RockBlack Rock Reservoir - Hanford, WA
BlanketsHeating Blankets
BlountBlount General Contractors
BluntBlunt Construction
BMGBeuerman Miller Group
BNLBrookhaven National Laboratory
BOCBOC Gases - LN2 Supplier for LA
BofABank of America
BohBoh Brothers Constructon Co.
BoiseBoise Cascade Office Products
BOMBill Of Material
BonnevalBonneval Construction
BPNLBattelle Pacific Northwest Laborato
BrandywineBrandywine Communications
BREBarbara Ryniker Evans & Associates
BREABenton Rural Electric Association
BROIBreault Research Organization, Inc.
BrookfieldBrookfield Machine, Inc.
BrownBrown University
BruntBrunt Construction Co., Inc.
BSBid Set Drawings/specifications
BSCBeam Splitter Chamber
BSOBeam Splitter Optics
BTBeam Tube
BTEBeam Tube Enclosure
BTIBellsouth Telecommunications Inc.
BudgetBudget/cost Issues
Building LayoutBuilding Layout
BuquetBuquet & Leblanc, Inc. Gen. Contractors
BurnsBurns Construction
Burst GroupUpper Limits Burst Group
ButlerButler Service Group
[C]Keyword Description
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c40 Meter Project
CAAICambridge Acoustical Associates, Inc.
CACRCIT Ctr for Advanced Computing Research
CaltexCaltex Plastics
CangelosiCangelosi-Ward, Inc.
Cap IndCapital Industries
CapitalCapital City Press (Baton Rough Advocate
CAPSCenter for Applied Physics - LA Tech U.
CardiffCardiff University
CareerCareer Services
CarletonCarleton College Relativity Group
CarrierCarrier Building Systems & Services
CaRTCaltech Relativity Group
CASCoarse Actuation System
CascadeCascade Optical Coatings
CastingCasting (machining)
CBCColombia Basin College
CBDCavity Beam Dump
CBIChicago Bridge And Iron
CBI/HousCBI-Houston Corporate Welding
CCComputer Committee
CCBChange Control Board
CCCChevernell Construction Co.
CCCCCharles Carter Construction Co., In.
CCDDCC Design Development
CCICompliance Consultants, Inc.
CCPCleanliness Contol Plan
CCRGCarleton College Relativity Group
CDICDI Managed CADD Services
CDRLCDRL Deliverable
CDSControl Data Systems
CEChange Estimate
CEGGCaltech Experimental Grav.-Physics Group
CEGOChina Einstein Gravitational Wave Observ
CEIChandler Enterprises, Inc.
CELTCalifornia Extremely Large Telescope
CEMContractors Equipment Maintenance
CementCement Treatment - Access Road, La
CentraCentra Worldwide, Inc.
CentralCentral Pre-mix Concrete
CEPCost Estimating Plan
CFICertified Fabricators Inc.
CFWCalifornia Fine Wire Co.
CGWAGHarvard-Smithsonian Center, GW Astro Grp
ChanceJohn E. Chance & Associates
Change OrderChange Order Request
CharterBoard Charters
ChervenellChervenell Construction Co.
ChillerChiller Plants
ChronChronological Files
CIAConstruction Industry Association
CICConcepts In Concrete
CIMContractors Interface Meeting
CircleCircle Incorporated
CircumCircumfrential/circumfrential Variations
CirtechCirtech, Inc.
CiscoCisco Systems
CITCalifornia Institute Of Technology
CIT/UOCCIT/University Of Chicago
CivilCivil Drawings
CJCC & J Contractors
CLACalibrated Leak Assembly
Claims ReleaseClaims Release
CleaningCleaning Procedures
ClearingSite Clearing/preparation
Close OutClose Out Status For A P.o
CMConfiguration Management
CMCCalifornia Machine Co.
CMPConfiguration Management Plan
CMSECIT/MIT-Science & Engineering
CMSGCIT/MIT Science Group
CMTRCertified Material Test Report
CNRSLaboratorie d'Automatique et d'Analyse
COCore Optics
CoastalCoastal Bridge Company
CoatingOptics Or Baffles Coating
COCCore Optics Components
CoherentCoherent, Inc.
COIConflict Of Interest
CoilCoils/Coil Assemblies
CollaborationLIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC)
ColumbiaColumbia Univ. Experimental Gravity Grp
CommunicationCommunication/data Communication
Compressed AirCompressed Air
CompuCompuhope, Inc.
CompuhopeCompuhope, Inc.
Computer ModelComputer Modeling
Con ForceCon-force Structures Limited
ConceptConceptual Design
ConejoConejo Industries, Inc.
ConfidentialAdministrative Confidential
Construction BidConstruction Bid
ContingencyContingency Issues
ContinuationContinuation Proposal
ContractContract Information
ConverseConverse Consulting Engrs & Geologists
CookCook Enterprises
CoonerCooner Wire
Copy-RCopy-R Office Solutions
CornellCornell University Relativity Group
CorningCorning, Inc.
CoronadoCoronado Communications Corporation
CorrosealCorroseal, Inc.
CorrosionSteel Corrosion
COSCore Optics Support
CosmicCosmic Ray Shack
CostelloHeber E. Costello, Inc.
CPBCommunications Pull Box
CPIConcrete Products Incorporated
CPMConstruction Progress Meeting
CPMRContract Price Modification Request
CPTYPEControls Prototype
CRCompletion Review
CRDFU.S. Civilian Research & Development Fnd
Cre8Cre8, Inc.
CrenloCrenlo, Inc.
CreoleCreole Steel, Inc.
CRRICollaboration Russian Research Institute
CRSCongressional Research Service
CrystalCrystal Systems
CSComponent Specification
CSBSCon Span Bridge Systems
CSIROCSIRO Division Of Applied Physics
CSRSChenevert Songy Rodi Soderberg, Inc.
CSUDHCal State Dominguez Hills
CUCornell University
CURGCornell University Relativity Group
CustomCustom Cable Corp.
CVCPCVC Products
CygnusCygnus Laser Corporation
CytoCyto Optics
CZCarl Zeiss, Germany
[D]Keyword Description
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DamesDames & Moore
DAQData Acquisition Subsystem
DAQDData Acquisition Daemon
DarcDarc, Observatoire De Paris
DARHTDual Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test
DASData Analysis System
Data AcquisitionAnything To Do With Acquiring Data
Data AnalysisData Analysis
Data PkgData Package
DaviesDavies Associates
DavisDavis Pumps & Electric Motors, Inc.
DBDun & Bradsheet Report/request
DCDetector Characterization
DcaaDefense Contract Audit Agency
DCC DatabaseDcc Database Development & Installation
DCC IssuesDocument Control Center Issues
DCCDDesign Configuration Control Document
DCNDocument Change Notice
DCPDocument Control Plan
DcsDynamic Coating Systems
DDDetailed Design
De En ConDe/en/con Construction Co., Inc.
DeliveryDelivery Guidelines/instructions
DellDell Marketing L.p.
DeltaDelta Testing And Inspection, Inc.
DemcoDixie Electric Membership Corporation
DenhamDenham Springs Livingston Parish News
Dept LaborDepartment Of Labor And Industries - Wa
Design DirectionDesign Directions
Design ReviewDesign Review Meeting/report
Design UPDDesign Update
Design UPD/FABDesign Update/Fabrication
DesmondJohn Desmond & Associates
DesselleDesselle-maggard Corp.
DetDiamond E. Trucking, Inc.
DetectorDetectors/detector Group
DgtDiamond G. Trucking, Inc.
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DiagnosticsDiagnostics/Diagnostics Meetings
Diff NoiseDiffraction Noise
DigiphaseDigiphase Technology
DisclosureConfidential Disclosure Agreement
DiscrepancyDiscrepancy Reports
discretionarydiscretionary funds
DJSDiCioccio Janitorial Services
DMKDMK Engineering
DMTData Monitoring Tool
DoADept. Of The Army, U.s. Army Corp Of Eng
DoDDepartment of Defense
DoEU.S. Department Of Energy
DoE HanDepartment of Energy - Hanford Operation
DoE PhysicDepartment of Energy - Nuclear Physics
DoEcologyDepartment of Ecology - WA
DoED-LADepartment of Economic Development - La
DoE-lDepartment of Energy - Landlord Team
DoEQDepartment of Evironmental Quality
DoHDepartment of Health - WA
DOIDavidson Optronics Inc.
DoLU.S. Dept. of Labor
Dominguez HillsCal State University Dominguez Hills
DoPSDepartment of Public Safety - LA
DoRDepartment of Revenue
DoTDepartment of the Treasury - US Customs
DoTDDept. Transportation & Development - La
DoTransDepartment of Transportation
DownBeam Tube Module Pump Down
DoyleDoyle Elementary School, Livingston
DPDevelopment Plan
DPSC - LADept Public Safety - State of LA
DPTDDept. Of Trans. & Develoment - La
DRDDesign Requirements Document
DRRDesign Requirements Review
DrtDepartment of Revenue & Taxation, La
DSADavid Silverman & Associates
DsswD. Shoemaker/s. Whitcomb
DTFDistributed Terascale Facility
DueDue Diligence
DuncanKris Duncan Associates
DunsDuns Analytical Services
DutyDuty Free Issue
DynamicDynamic Light Control
DynasilDynasil Corporation Of America
[E]Keyword Description
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E10Engineering Run 10
EaganEagan, McAllister Associates, Inc.
EasElectric & Air Services
EasementEasement Agreements - La/wa
EatonEaton Corporation
EBElectron Beam
ebaraEbara Technologies, Inc.
EbcoEbco Industries Ltd.
EbmEngel Brothers Media
ECCEnvironmental Construction Corp.
ECIEngineers' Council, Inc.
ECNEngineering Change Notice
ECPEngineering Change Proposal
ECREngineering Change Request
ECSGEddy-Current Subgroup
EDElectrical Drawing
EducationEducation/school Programs
EecElectron Energy Corporation
EggEg&g Optoelectronics
EGOEuropean Gravitational Observatory
EhviEdwards High Vacuum International
EkcEastman Kodak Company
Electric ServicesElectric Services
Electrical EquipElectrical Equipment
EllsworthEllsworth Adhesive Systems
EmbankmentEmbankment Elevations, Livingston
EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility
EmCNEmergency Change Notice
EMIElectromagnetic Interference
EmslEnvironmental Molecular Sciences La
EMUEastern Michigan University
EndEnd Item Data Package
EngineeringEngineering Information
Engineering RunEngineering Run
EnrEngineering News-record
EnterpriseEnterprise Products Company
EnviroflexEnviroflex, Inc.
EnvironmentEnvironmental Assessment
EOMElectro-Optic Modulator
EOTElectro Optics Technology, Inc.
EOTVOSEotvos University
EpEnterprise Pipleline
Ep JohnsonE. P. Johnson Const. & Environmental Inc
EPIExternal Pre-Isolator
EPRGEPRG - Cal State Dominguez Hills
ErcEngineering Research Center
ERGExperimental Relativity Group
ERGWAGEmbry-Riddle Grav. Wave Astrophysics Grp
ESDElectrostatic Drive
EsicEarth Science Information Center
EsoEuropean Southern Observatory
EssElectronic Solution Sales
EsscoEssco Electric, Inc.
ETCEstimate to Complete
ETDEquipment Technology & Design, Inc.
ETFEngineering Test Facility - Galileo
EustisEustis Engineering
EvaluationEvaluation Report
ExcelExcel Electrical & Instrumentation
ExpressExpress, Inc.
[F]Keyword Description
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FabricL.i. Fabricators
Fac ConceptFacility Concept
Fac PerfFacilities Performance
FacilitiesFacilities/facilities Group
FansVan Axial Fans
FaradayFaraday Isolator
FascoFasco Fastener
FCFacility Construction
FCCIFrank Culotta Contractor, Inc.
FCRAOFive College Radio Astronomy Oservatory
FCTsFast Chirp Transforms
FDFrequency Devices, Inc.
FDCFederal Data Corporation
FDCMFacilities Design & Construction Mgmt
FDDFinal Design Documents
FDIFrequency Devices, Inc.
FDRFinal Design Review/report
FDR Proto/FabFDR Prototype Fabrication
FDSFinal Design Set
FeasFeasibility Study
FermilabFermi National Accelerator Laboratory
FerroFerro-frit Division Of Ferro Corporation
Ferro-CeraFerro-Ceramic Grinding, Inc.
FibertekFibertek, Inc.
Fin ReptFinancial Report
FinneFinne Architects
FireFire alarm system/fire safety issues
FitzFitzsimmons & Associates
FKMFKM Copier Products
FletcherFletcher General Construction
floodingFlooding Issues at Livingston
FlowFlow Charts
FluorFluor Daniel
FluorelFluorel Parts
FMAFailure Mode Analysis
FMCSFacility Monitor And Control System
FMEAFailure Modes & Effects Analysis Rept
FOMFigures of Merit
FONSIFinding of No Significant Impact
FordFord Motor Company
formsforms template for LIGO
FoundationFoundation Slab
Four FFour F Corporation
FourierFourier Transforms
FPFabrication Plan
FrequencyFrequency Noise/motion
FRRFabrication Readiness Review/report
FSAFerranti Steel & Aluminum Inc.
FSCFederal Service Center
FSIFSI International
FSSFoundry Service And Supply
FTIRFourier Transform Infra-red
FugroFugro-mcclelland (southwest), Inc.
FWDField Work Directive
[G]Keyword Description
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GAGIGeorge A. Grant, Inc.
GAIGolder Associates Inc.
GalliGalli & Morelli
GammaGamma Rays
GAPGrant Assistance Program, Isf
GarethGareth Stevens Publishers
GarrettGarrett Electric
GarwoodGarwood Laboratories, Inc.
GatewayGateway 2000
GaudinGaudin Equipment
GavazziCarlo Gavazzi, Mupac Business Unit
GBIGoodfellow Brothers, Inc.
GDSGlobal Diagnostics System
GE SupplyGeneral Electric Supply Co.
GECGulf Engineers & Consultants
GeneralGeneral Optics
general relativitygeneral relativity
GentecGentec, Inc.
Geo ReconGeo Recon International
GeotechnicalGeotechnical Survey/report
GFGeneral Foam Of Minnesota Inc.
GGHGossen Gasaway Holloway
GGIGautreau & Gonzalez, Inc.
GGWAGGoddard GW Astrophysics Group
GiffordGifford Consultants
GIJGreat Impressions Janitorial
Gin GinGin Gin
GlobalGlobal Coordinates, Global Coord. Syst.
GloverGlover Construction, Inc.
GOIGeneral Optics Incorporated
GolderGolder Associates, Inc.
GoodrichGoodrich Corporation
GravitationalGravitational Waves
GrossmannMarcel Grossmann Meeting
Ground BreakingGround Breaking
GroupGroup Contractors
gsAlex Theriot, Jr. & Associates, Inc.
GS123RFQ for Fabrication of HEPI Crossbeam
GS125Fab of the HEPI Housing & Stiffeners
GS127RFQ for LLO Warehouse Improvements
GS128Supply & Delivery of Liq. Nitrogen @ LHO
GS130Supply & Delivery of Liq Nitrogen to LLO
GSAGeneral Services Administration
GsaengerGsaenger Company
GsangerGsanger Optische Komponenten
GSIGeoSciences, Inc.
GSSIGulf South Systems, Inc.
GSSIPDGSS, Inc. - Penn Division
GSTGolden State Technology
GWADWGravitational Wave Adv Detector Workshop
GWDAWGrav. Wave Data Analysis Workshop
GWEGulf Western Electric, Inc.
[H]Keyword Description
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HalesHales Engineering
HAMHorizontal Access Module
HamamatsuHamamatsu Corporation
HamiltonHamilton Tool & Engineering
HanfordHanford, Washington Site
HansonHanson Porcelain Co., Inc.
HarmsHarms & Associates
HarrisHarris Group, Inc.
HarvardHarvard University
HaskellHaskell Corp.
HawkinsBill Hawkins & Son, Inc.
HazardsHazards Report/analysis
HCWFHale Certified Welding & Fab
HDOSHughes Danbury Optical Systems, Inc.
HearnHearn Construction
HeatHeat Trace, Inc.
HeckHeck Industries, Inc.
HeliumHelium Operations
HelserHelser Industries
Hend. ArchRoy Hendrick AIA Architect
HenselHensel Phelps Construction Co.
HEPIHydraulic Actuator External Pre-Isolator
HeraeusHeraeus Optics, Inc.
HeritageHeritage Landscaping
HETECenter for Space Research, MIT
HewlettHewlett Packard
HFHoward Fabrication
HFDHanford Fire Department
High TechHigh Tech Services
HighlandHighland Technology
HillHill Brothers Construction Co., Inc.
HiltonHilton, Hilton, Kolk, Penson & Roesch
HittleD. Hittle & Associates, Inc.
HLTHelium Leak Testing, Inc.
HMHHuntington Memorial Hospital
HNIHolmes & Narver, Inc.
HouseHouse Of Representatives - Louisiana
HowdenHowden Buffalo, Inc.
HoweHowe Electric, Inc.
HPCHigh Performance Computers
HPDHigh Precision Devices, Inc.
HPLHeritage Professional Landscape
HPMHand Precision Machining
HPPIHyspan Precison Products, Inc.
HRLHughes Research Laboratories
HSEH & S Enterprises, Inc.
HTESHigh Technology Engineering Services
HVACHeating, Ventilation And A/C
HWSLGHobart & William Smith Colleges LIGO Grp
HydratechHydratech Industries
HyspanHyspan Precision Products, Inc.
HytecHytec, Inc.
HZCHitachi, Zosen Corporation
[I]Keyword Description
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IAPInstitute of Applied Physics - Russia
IASInitial Alignment Subsystem
IBMIBM Research Laboratory
IBMARCIBM Almadena Research Center
IBSInvensys Building Systems, Inc. (Siebe)
ICDInterface Control Document
ICFICF Kaiser Hanford Company
ICFKEICF Kaiser Engineers
ICSInteractive Circuits and Systems
IEEEIeee Aerospace Applications Conference
IEIIndustrial Enterprises, Inc.
IFBInvitation For Bid
IFB Ej239Facilities Construction At Hanford
IFB Ej246Bldg. & Infrastructure Constr.-louisiana
IFB Ej250Bte Slab-install/fab - Louisiana
IFB Ej265Liquid Nitrogen Supply At Hanford
IFB Ej274Furnishing/installation - Bt Insulation
IFB EJ293Supply of LN2 to Livingston Site
IFB EJ297Hanford Water System Integration
IFB EJ298Hanford Staging Building
IFB EJ309Furn/Install BT Insulation, LA
IFB EJ-313Signage for LA and WA sites
IFB EJ-319Renovations to Staging Building at LLO
IFB EJ320Paving Road at Hanford
IFB EJ329LHO Office/Laboratory/Auditorium Bldg.
IFB Jlt 222Hanford Bte Sitework/precast Fabrication
IFB#jl221Invitation To Bid - Rough Grading In La
IFCRInstitute For Cosmic Ray Research/u
ImagingImaging, Video
IMPImplementation Plan
ImportsImports/Duty-free Issues
IMTIntermountain Materials Testing
ImtecThe Imtec Group, Ltd.
InaugurationLIGO Inauguration
IncidentIncident Report
Ind UnivIndiana University
IndustraIndustra Inc.
InlandInland Asphalt Co.
INSImmigration And Naturalization Service
INSAInstitut National des Sciences Appliquee
InsacoInsaco, Inc.
InspectionInspection/inspection Reports
InstitutoInstituto Nazionale Di Fisica Nucleare
InstrumentInstrument Plan/drawing
IntegrationIntegration/Integration Meeting
InvensysInvensys Building Systems, Inc. (Siebe)
InvoiceInvoice Billing
IOICInstitute Of Inorganic Chemistry/ru
IOOInput Optics Subsystem
IOPInstitute of Physics, Poland
IPInstallation Plan
IPEIndependent Porcelain Enamel
IPRIn-process Review
IRDIndustrial Research and Development
IRRInstallation Readiness Review
ISInstallation Specification
IsasInst. Of Space And Astronautical Science
ISDInternal Stack Damping
ISFInternational Science Foundation
ISIInsulator Seal Inc.
ISSIInsulation Sales & Service, Inc.
IssueIssue for Installatiton
Issue FDR UPD/BIDIssue for FDR Update & Bid
Issue INFOIssued for Information
Issue UPD/BIDIssued for Update & Bid
IssuedIssued For Construction
Issued FABIssued for Fabrication
Issued FAB/BIDSIssued for Fabrication & Bids
Issued FAB/INFOIssued for Fabrication/Information
Issued FAB/InstallIssued for Fabrication & Installation
Issued FDR Info.Issued FDR Information
Issued FDR Upd/Inst.Issued for FDR Update/Installation
Issued FDR/FABIssued for FDR/Fabraication
Issued LIGO/InfoIssued to LIGO for Information
Issued REL/BIDSIssued for Release/Bids
Issued REL/UPDIssued for Release/Update
ISUIowa State University (ECSG)
ITSInterwest Technology Services, Inc.
IUCAAInter-Univ Ctr Astronomy & Astrophysics
IucfInter-university Centre For Astrono
IuoeInternational Union Of Operating Enginrs
iVDgLInternatl. Virtual-Data Grid Laboratory
IVSIntelligent Video Systems
[J]Keyword Description
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JA JonesJ.A. Jones
JanicareJani-Care Janitorial Service
JecJames E. Curtis, Richland, Wa
JeffersonJefferson Lab
JILAJILA Gravity Group
JM EngJ.M. Engineering
Job Dr.The Job Dr.
JohnbarrowJohnson-barrow, Inc
JohnsJohns Hopkins University
JohnsonJohnson & Higgins
JPLJet Propulsion Laboratory
Jpl ConsltJpl Consulting Services
JUBJUB Engineers, Inc.
JuryJury Duty Issues
JW GrandJW Grand
[K]Keyword Description
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kasharKashar Technical Services, Inc.
KD 215Proposal-BT Fabrication/Installation
KelleherL.D. Kelleher
KennewickCity of Kennewick Washington
KentKent Agency Ltd.
kerrKerr Engineering & Sales
Key HighKey High Vacuum Products, Inc.
KickoffKickoff Meeting
KiewitKiewit Construction Company
KineOpticsKineOptics, Inc.
KineticKinetic Systems
King SoftKing Soft Water Co.
KmhKean, Miller, Hawthorne, Etc.
KnurrKnurr Usa, Inc.
KramerKramer Engineering, Inc.
KratochwillBarbara Kratochwill Consulting
KsaiK. Shimotsuma & Associates, Inc.
KscKsc, Inc.
Ky RyKY-RY Construction & Fabrication, Inc.
KyoceraKyocera Mita America
Kyoto UnivKyoto University
[L]Keyword Description
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LALock Acquisition
LA GovtLouisiana State Government
La SalesL. A. Sales, Inc.
LA TimesLos Angeles Times
LabLIGO Laboratory
LaborLabor Rates/issues
LacknerLackner Computer Systems
LacourLloyd J. Lacour Jr., DBA Kineoptics
LafargeLafarge Corporation
LakeLake Manufacturing
LalcLos Angeles Label Company
lancastLancast Aluminum
LanceLance Wire & Cable, Inc.
LandSite Landscaping
LappLapp Annecy
LarsonLarson Machine
LASTILIGO Advanced System Test Interferometer
LawLaw Engineering & Environment
LawsLaws And Associates
LayneLayne of Washington, Inc.
LayoutLayout For Optics/Equipment
LblLawrence Berkeley Laboratory
LCILevernier Construction, Inc.
LDASLIGO Data Analysis System
LeaseLease Agreements
LEDCLivingston Economic Development Council
LEESLane Eng. & Environmental Services
LegalLegal Issues/services
LeoLeo Construction, Inc.
LeskerKurt J. Lesker Company
LevernierLevernier Construction Inc.
LevyLevy And Associates, P.s.
LewisLewis-burke Associates
LFDLivingston Fire Department
LGWGLoyola Univ. New Orleans Grav. Wave Grp
LHLandscape Horizons
LHOLIGO Hanford Observatory
LiLi Fabricators
Light ScatteringLight Scattering
LighteningLightening Protection
LightningLighning Protection
LightwaveLightwave Electronics Corporation
LIGO ILIGO I Collaborators
LIGO/UKLIGOII suspension grp
Ligo-C950476-00-PBeam Tube Module Procurement
Ligo-C950490-00-EP.o. Pp167159
Ligo-C950804-00-VVacuum Equipment Contract
LIGO-IILIGO II Development/Research
Ligo-T950048-00-OCrane Hood Height In Lvea/vea
LimestoneLimestone Detailers
LinearLinear Industries Ltd.
LISALaser Interometer in Space
LLILexel Laser, Inc.
LLNLLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLOLIGO Livingston Observatory
LMSCLockheed Missle And Space
LOLarge Optics
LoadsWeight Loads
LobartLobart Company
LockLock Acquisition
LOFARa Low Frequency radio Array
LogLog Books
LOSLarge Optics Suspension
Los AlamoLos Alamos National Laboratory
LossesLosses Limited Inc.
LoucksBryan Loucks, Consultant
LouisianaLouisiana Industries
LoyolaLoyola University
LPHULivingston Parish Health Unit
LRLa Recherche
LRCLIGO Research Community
LSCLength Sensing/control
LSC5LSC Meeting #5, 19-21 July 1999
LSCCLigo Scientific Collaboration Council
LSULouisiana State University
LTALeak Test Arrangement
LTILouisiana Testing & Inspection, Inc.
LTULouisiana Tech University
LUEGGLoyola University EGG
LVEALaser And Vacuum Equipment Area
LvpLeybold Vacuum Products
LydigLydig Construction, Inc.
LZLaser Zentrum
LZHLaser Zentrum Hannover
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MagnumMagnum Electric
MaGWGMaryland Gravitational Wave Group
Maiden Wind FarmMaiden Wind Farm
Management PlanManagement Plan
Man-hourMan-hour Budget
ManualsEquipment/procedure/personnel Manuals
MARMaterials Analysis Report
MarchMarch Metalfab, Inc.
MarcusMarcus Group Co. Ltd.
MarshMarshall Long Acoustics
MarshallMarshall Space Flight Center
Mat SubsMaterial Substitutions
MaxMax-plunck-institut Fur Quantenoptik
MayflowerMayflower Transit
MCAMCA Communications, Inc.
McCulloghOliver McCullogh, Contractor
MCEMCE Technical Services
McMasterMcMaster-Ccarr Supply Company
MCSMorris Construction Services, Inc.
MCTMode Cleaner Tube
MDBMcCormick, Dunn & Black
MDCMock Data Challenge
MECMitsubishi Electric Corp.
MechanicalMechanical Drawings/Manuals
MediatelMediatel, Inc.
Meeting AgendaMeeting Agenda
MEIMetropolitan Electronics, Inc.
MeierMeier Associates
MEPIElectromagnetic Actuator Ext. Pre-Isolat
MeritMerit Environmental Services
MerrickMerrick Construction Company, Inc.
MesiMoffa Electrical Services, Inc.
MetalMetal Engineering
MetroMetropolitan Electronics
MeyerVernon F. Meyer & Associates, Inc.
Meyer ToolMeyer Tool & Manufacturing, Inc.
MfgManufacturing Process
MGWAGMontana Grav. Wave Astronomy Group
MGWGMichigan Gravity Wave Group
MicroMicrotrends Int'l
MicrotecMicro-tec West
MidMid-Columbia Engineering Tech. Services
MilestonesPerformance Milestones
MillMill Tests
MillikanMillikan Library - Renovation
MilwaukeeUniversity Of Wisconsin-milwaukee
MinutesMeeting Minutes
MirrorsMirrors For Optics
MITMassachusetts Institute Of Technology
MLDMLD Technologies
MleMill Lane Engineering
MMAMillimeter Array Project
MMCMerritt McDonald Construction, Inc.
MmdiM. Matt Durand, Inc.
MMRMMR Constructors, Inc.
MMTMode-Matching Telescope
MnhMuseum Of Natural History Of L.a. County
ModeMode Cleaner
MoiMark Optics, Inc.
MonitorField Monitoring
MoolManuscript Office/optics Letters
MoonMoon Security Services, Inc.
MooreBarry Moore & Associates
MorrisonMorrison Construction Services
MoserPhillip Moser & Associates
MotorolaMotorola Wireless Infrastructure
MOUMemorandum Of Understanding
MowatMowat Construction Company
MPIMessage Passing Interface
MppMindrum Precision Products
MSMolding Solutions
MSDSMaterial Safety Data Sheet
MSUMoscow State University
MSURGMoscow State University Relativity Group
MTIManufacturing Technology Inc.
MTKMTK Industries
MtuMichigan Technological University
MveMinnesota Valley Engineering
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Na(not Assigned Or Not / Applicable)
NAENational Academy of Engineering
NamingNaming Conventions, Etc.
NAOCNat'l Astro. Observ. Chinese Academy
NationalNational Instruments
Naval ElecNaval Electronics Laboratory Center
NBSNational Bureau of Standards
nbtaN.B. Traylor & Associates, Inc.
NCRNon-Conformance Report
Nd3Nd3+ Lasers
NDANon-Disclosure Agreement
Near MissNear Miss Incident Report
NeedsPsi Needs List
NetworkNetwork General
NewNew Focus
NeworgNew Organization Name
NewportNewport Corporation
NewsLigo Newsletter
NewtonNewton Landscape Group
NFINew Focus, Inc.
NGITNorthrop Grumman IT
NibsNational Institute Of Building Sciences
NipponNippon Silica Glass Company
NISTNat'l Institute of Standards & Technolog
NITNorwegian Institute of Technology
NlsiNational Lightning Safety Institute
NOAONational Optical Astronomy Observatories
NOINotice of Intent
Non FerNon Ferrous
NonconformNonconformance Report
NorcalNor-cal Products, Inc.
Northrop GrummanNorthrop Grumman IT
NorthwestNorthwestern Tools, Inc.
NosmasNosmas Machine And Maintenance
NovosibirskNovoibirsk Conference
NPFCNew Philadelphia Fan Company
NPSNorthwest Permastore Systems, Inc.
NSBNational Science Board
NSFNational Science Foundation
NSF ReviewNsf Review
NSFPDNSF/Physics Division
NTCNotice To Comply
NTDNTD Architects
NTTNTT Basic Research Laboratories, Tokyo
NUGWAGNorthwestern Univ. GW Astrophysics Grp
NUTRGNorthwestern Univ. Theor. Relativity Grp
NVHNon-Vacuum Hardware
Nw ToolsNorthwest Tools, Inc.
Nw UnivNorthwestern University, Dept Of Physics
NWUNorthwestern University
nyuNew York University
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ocOccidental College
OfrOptics For Research, Inc.
OlOptics Letters
OLA BldgOffice/Laboratory/Auditorium Building
OmegaOmega Engineering, Inc.
OMMOperating and Maintenance Manuals
OOPObservatory of Paris
OpiOptics Plus, Inc.
OpnOptics & Photonics News
OptionOption Phase - Cbi
ORAOptical Research Associates
OrbitOrbit Industries, Inc.
OrsayOrsay Group - Italy
OsaOptical Society Of America
OSBOperations Support Building
OSBTOne Source Building Technologies
OSHAOccupational Safety/health Admin.
OTOptical Table
OtcOptics Technology Corporation
OTFOptic Test Facility
OttoOtto Systems
OutreachOutreach Program/center
OversightOversight Committee
OwensbyOwensby & Kritikos
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P And IdPiping And Instrumentation Diagram
P.O. 1039272MLD Technologies, LLC - R&D Coating
P.O. 1040505W. H. Porter, Inc.
PaProcess Applications
PACProgram Advisory Committee
Pac ErectPacific Erectors
PacificPacific Testing Laboratories
PAEPacific Aerospace & Electroncs, Inc.
ParityParity Systems, Inc.
ParkerParker Emc Engineering
Pars/citParsons/cit(f. Asiri)
ParsonsParsons Company
PascoBig Pasco - Hanford Site
PayrollPayroll Information/issues
PBParsons Brinckerhoff
PBDPlate Beam Dump
PcA-l-l Magnetics Inc.
PcardP-Card Reconciliations
P-CardP-Card Reconciliation Statements
PCEPower City Electric
PciPerformance Contracting Inc.
PCPProject Control Plan
PDDPreliminary Design Document
PDRPreliminary Design Review/report/doc
PDUPreliminary Design Update
PDU RevisionPreliminary Design Update Revision
PePhysical Electronics
PE INCPermit Engineering, Inc.
PegasusPegasus Manufacturing, Inc.
PEIPacific Erectors, Inc.
PEMPhysics Environment Monitor
PEMGPasadena Eye Medical Group
PennPenn State
PentekPentek, Inc.
PEPIPiezo-Electric External Pre-Isolator
PerkinPerkin Elmer
PerkinsPerkins Coie
PermitPermit Surveying, Inc.
PettyPetty Cash Reimbursement
PfeifferPfeiffer Vacuum Technology
PFRProblem/failure Report
PFUPanel On Future Use Of Ligo
PhasePhase Shift Technology, Inc.
Phase AVacuum Equipment Design Competition
Phase BPhase B
Phase CPhase C
PhosciencePhoton Sciences International, Inc.
PhoservicePhoton Services
PhosourcePhoton Sources
PhotonPhoton Inc.
PHSPort Heating System
PHY0098715Low Noise Susp. & Readout Syst for LIGO
phy0107417Coop Agreement - Continuing Ops FY02-06
PHY-0245117LIGO Visitors Program (2003-2006)
PHY-0301369Support for Ops and Mgmt of LIGO
PHY-0328418LIGO Umbrella Coop Agreement for '08-16
PHY-0757058Coop Sup Agr '09-13 - Ops/Maint of LIGO
PHY-0823459Co Sup Agr, 2008-15 - Constr of Adv LIGO
PHY-8803557Site Selection Process
Phy9210038Cooperative Agreement Nsf & Cit
Phy9603177Ligo Visitors Program Proposal To Nsf
PHY9700601Advanced Detector R&D Prog. Proposal
PhysicsPhysics Letters A
PIAProprietary Information Agreement
pick offPick Off
PicouPicou Brothers
PiercePierce Precision Sheet Metal
PIIPacific Industrial Insulation
PipePiping & Instrumentation Drawings
PlanSysPlanning Systems, Inc.
PlsaPlsa Engineering & Surveying
PlumbingPlumbing Drawings
PMCSProject Management Control System
PMPProject Management Plan
PNIPhase Noise Interferometer
POPurchase Order
PO 1043522American Electrical
PO 1000084MMR Constructors, Inc. - BT Bakeout, LA
PO 1001070Contract with MIT
PO 1001075MIT
PO 1001358Hytec, Inc.
PO 1001537Wave Precision, Inc.
PO 1002095Allied Engineering (formerly PC246826)
PO 1002669ASCO Eng. Co. - Arm Cavity Baffle
PO 1002717Beuerman Miller Group
PO 1003089Employment Support Services
PO 1003209Carrier Corporation
PO 1003458Davies Associates - LIGO Signages
PO 1003888Vomar Products Inc.
PO 1004478George Grant, Inc.
PO 1004595Louisiana Tech University - Install.Supt
PO 1004749Richard Price Constr.- Erosion Ctrl, LA
PO 1005749Richard Price Const. - Erosion/landsc,LA
PO 1005944Spacecraft Specialist - Arm Cavity Baffl
PO 1005949Calif. Machine Co. - Arm Cavity Baffle
PO 1005951Valley Engravers, Inc. - Arm Cavity Baff
PO 1008743Syracuse University - P. Saulson at LA
PO 1008883LLO Staging Building - J. Desmond & Asso
PO 1009781Florence Kaufman, CPA
PO 1010419Siemens Building Technologies - LA Maint
PO 1011599Kris Duncan Associates
po 1012087Florence Kaufman
PO 1012583US West Communication Federal
PO 1012585Qwest Communications Federal Services
PO 1017579Burns International Security Services
PO 1017580Securitas Security (formerly BISS)
PO 1018076GPT Glendale
PO 1020599City of Livingston - Industrial Building
PO 1020690Parsons - Computing Plan/Layout @ Sites
PO 1024753Syd Meshkov
PO 1025084Inland Asphalt Co., - Paving Road at LHO
PO 1025870Bell Optical Consulting
PO 1027111Brunt Construction Co. - Staging Bldg, L
PO 1030186NTD Architects - LHO Support Bldg
PO 1030699Air Liquide America Corp - LN2 for LA
PO 1032702Barbara Ryniker Evans & Assoc
PO 1033140High Precision Devices, Inc.
PO 1033655Quantum Design
PO 1034781EGO Collaboration - Adv. Optics Coating
PO 1036825Metropolitan Electronics, Inc.
PO 1037916Moon Security Services, Inc.
PO 1039272MLD Technologies, LLC
PO 1040848Biosgroup
PO 1045408PCA with Frequency Devices, Inc.
PO 1046219Howden Buffalo, Inc.
PO 1046626Jani Kari Janitorial Services, LLO
PO 1048722Interwest Technical Systems
PO 1052933P and N Machine Co.
PO 1056645CSRS
PO 1059606Kineoptics
PO 1062186Thyssenkrupp Elevator - Maintenance
PO 1064193Capital Valve and Fitting Co.
PO Jl221Livingston Rough Grading Bid Pkg
PO PC045667MIT - Cooperation With Ligo/nsf
PO PC091363Woodward-Clyde Consultants
PO PC1012376Crystal Systems
PO PC119673J-u-b Engineers, Inc.
PO PC121405J.U.B. Engineers
PO PC132372Concepts in Concrete
PO PC146826Allied Engineering - SEI Leg Elements
PO PC149361Katherine Creath - Metrology/optics
PO PC150969Parsons - FDCM
PO PC157708Telos Information Systems
PO PC159096Applied Integration Management (AIM)
PO PC162519REO - Optics Coating Demonstration
PO PC162872ANU - Interferometric Motion Sensor
PO PC164701HDOS Contract
PO PC167159CSIRO Proposal
PO PC168479Perkins Coie - Legal Services, Wa
PO PC168480Kean, Miller, - Legal Services, La
PO PC169604International Science Foundation (isf)
PO PC173021Research Program With Tufts University
PO PC175058BNPL - Ambient Ground Meas. - LA
PO PC175730PSI - Vacuum Equipment, Phase B
PO PC175799Enterprise Products Co.
PO PC180237Tufts University
PO PC181520CBIContract - Fabrication/installation
PO PC181539Acme Contract (ligo-c960074-00-o)
PO PC184279Stranco, Inc. - Rough Grading, La Site
PO PC185384Craig Conley - Professional Tech Service
PO PC185584Brian Loucks, Consultant
PO PC185630Hytec - SIS Development
PO PC186218Professional Service Industries, Inc.
PO PC187708Park EMC Eng
PO PC188097Cygnus Laser Corporation
PO PC188099Butler Services - Cad Design Services
PO PC189530BTE and Precast Fabrication, Hanford
PO PC189539Acme Materials & Construction Co. - Wa
PO PC189842ABMB Engineers, Inc. For Survey Support
PO PC189982CBI - Meetings, Travel, Per Diem
PO PC193079Taylor, Porter, Brooks & Phillips. . .
PO PC194932RSI Rogers Surveying - Hanford
PO PC195312Shannon & Wilson - QA Testing/repting
PO PC195911Capital Industries
PO PC195912Beam Tube Baffles
PO PC196741Levernier - Facility Construction, Wa
PO PC197005Demco - Electric Power To Livingston
PO PC197081West Coast Porcelain - Baffles Coating
PO PC198201Lightwave Electronics - Nd3+ Design/Fab
PO PC201125Vectronics-40 Meter Refer Source Sys
PO PC201985J.R. Orr - Review Of Safety Program
PO PC202920Cascade Investments
PO PC203459General Optics - Polishing Of Silica
PO PC207415Levernier - Installation Of BTE, Hanford
PO PC207573Corning, Incorporated.
PO PC208421Heraeus Amersil, Inc. - Fused Silica Mir
PO PC208422University Of Wisconsin
PO PC211287Imtec Group - Precision Alignment, Wa
PO PC211816Compuhope - Computer Syst. Admin.
PO PC213087CBI - Developmental Tasks As Needed
PO PC214119Hensel Phelps - Building Constr. La
PO PC214120Woodrow Wilson Const. - Slab/bte La
PO PC217149University Of Florida - Collaboration
PO PC218287CC Design Development Co. - RTS Scanner
PO PC218288DMK Engineering - RTS Scanner
PO PC218731Ray Beausoleil - Stm Validation Effort
PO PC222159NTS-Saugus -- Use Of Testing Facilities
PO PC223190Simmons J. Barry - Surveying Support La
PO PC223337Acro Service Corp. - BT QA Support
PO PC224341Delta Testing & Inspection - QA At La
PO PC224861Career Services - Software Engineering
PO PC225471Mid-Columbia Eng. Tech. Services
PO PC229118John Desmond & Assoc - Outreach Ctr - La
PO PC234670EMU - Absorption Measurement Of Optics
PO PC234835Siom - Sapphire Crystals
PO PC235270Univ. Of Oregon - Relativity/Astrophysic
PO PC235813Bill Hawkins & Son, Inc - Fences At La
PO PC235820Northwestern University
PO PC237352Phase Shift Tech. - IR Interferometer
PO PC237583Praxair, Inc. - Liquid Nitrogen Supply
PO PC239621Smithsonian Institute - Theoret.Modeling
PO PC243254William B. Poore & Co., - Cost Schedules
PO PC246047Oliver McCullough - Electro-Mech Labor
PO PC246180Watt Insulation - Beam Tube Modules, WA
PO PC246554Heritage Landscaping - Hanford
PO PC246646Pegasus Manufacturing, Inc.
PO PC246826Allied Engineering - In-Vacuum H/W (SEI)
PO PC249000Senior Flexonics - HAM Bellows
PO PC249195Hittle & Assoc. - A/E Services @ Hanford
PO PC250308CDI Managed Cadd Serv. - LOS Susp. Fixt.
PO PC251179Univ.Mich. - Sabbatical for Riles
PO PC252218Molding Solutions - Fluorel Components
PO PC253684Brookfield Machine-1st Art LOS Weldments
PO PC255026Astro Pak - Cleaning/Pkg Damped Coil Spr
PO PC255279Yakima Industries - Tumbleweeds Removal
PO PC263716L.D. Kelleher - Livingston Landscaping
PO PC263740Schober's Machine - LOS Fixtures/Compo
PO PC264295Galli & Morelli - Prototype Susp. Comp.
PO PC265792March Metalfab - SEI Non-Vacuum H/W
PO PC266466Veeco Corp. - WYKO 6000 Fizeau Interfer.
PO PC266884Speciality Components - Air Bearings
PO PC269012Sun River Electric - BT Bakeout, Hanford
PO PC269407KTI, Inc. - Electron Beam Welding
PO PC269507Excel Electrical & Instrumentation
PO PC269547BOC Gases - LN2 Supply for LA Site
PO PC270892Superior Jig, Inc.
PO PC273885Apollo Sheet Metal - LHO H20 Integration
PO PC274163Eagan, McAllister Assoc. - tech support
PO PC277583George A. Grant, Inc. - Staging Bldg, WA
PO PC277770Sun River Elec. - Cable Tray Syst. - WA
PO PC278691Gulf Western Electric, Inc.
PO PC278721Siebe Environmental Control - Maint.Bldg
PO PC279976Florence Kaufman, CPA - Consulting
PO PC280728MCA Communications, Inc.
PO PC280729Philip E. Krider
PO PC281196CC Design Development, Inc.
PO PC282928Hand Precision Machining - Scissor Table
PO PC285070Electro-Optics Technology - Faraday Iso.
PO PC285071SORL - Parabolic Mirrors
PO PC285072Dynamic Light Control
PO PC286577Jake Robinson - Amaldi Conference Websit
PO PC286578Carrier Building Systems - Maint. At LA
PO PC288426The Job Dr. - Techn Support, Syst. Admin
PO PC289817ASCO Engineering Co. - Pickoff Tele Pts.
PO PC290156Conejo Industries, Inc. - Pickoff Telesc
PO PC291262Vacuum City - Central Vacuum System, WA
PO PC293660Pacific Industrial Insulation - BT LA
PO PC297680Associated Western Universities
PO PC300427Manpower Inc.
PO PC300577Louisiana Tech University
PO PP045667Contract With MIT/R. Weiss For BT At CBI
PO PP045672Surveying & Staking at Hanford
PO PP045673Chance & Assoc. - Survey Of La Site
PO PP048995Hyspan Precision Products
PO PP066327Dames & Moore - Geotechnical Survey
PO PP075357WA State Department of Transportation
PO PP079285Wheeler & Gray, Inc.
PO PP080075Bert Sweetser
PO PP080948Battelle Northwest Laboraties
PO PP082649Foundry Service Supply - Marinite
PO PP086652Breault Research Org. - Scattered Lite
PO PP092591GEC Contract
PO PP108027CBI Contract For Beam Tube Modules
PO PP112285U.S. Dept. Of Energy, Hanford
PO PP122193Dames & Moore - Geotech Monitor For Rg
PO PP132372CIC - Design/Const. Pl For BTE, Hanford
PO PP133752L.K. Drilling Corp. Inc.
PO PP146525Contract With HTES
PO PP150969Parsons - FDCM
PO PP155642Optical Research Assoc - Optical Design
PO PP157708Telos Purchase Order
PO PP159096Applied Integration Mgmt -
PO PP161532CBI - Vacuum Equipment Phase A
PO PP161533PSI Proposal (LIGO-C950322-00-P)
PO PP162519REO - Detector Core Optics Development
PO PP162623Paul Reardon - Consulting Services
PO PP164620Acentech - Vibration Attenuation Support
PO PP166239Tech/Mgmt Support - Hanford Site
PO PP166240T.L. James - Land Site Clearing, La
PO PP166615Karl Reithmaer
PO PP166865IDP (George Stokes) - DCC Database
PO PP169604Moscow State Univ - Scien. Collaboration
PO PP173021Contract With Tufts University/Dr. Sliwa
PO PP179846Parker EMC Engineering
PO PP180982PSI
PO PP184342NIST - Metrology Service For Optics
PO PP185967UAI/nastran Finite Element Comp Program
PO PP186624Benton (PUD) - Electrical Services, Wa
PO PP187708Parker EMC Engineering
PO PP195911Beam Tube Baffles-Capital Industries
PO PP195912Meyer Tool & Mgf. Inc.-Beam Tube Baffles
PO PP201125Vectronics Microwave
PO PP207258REO - Micro-Rroughness Data/ACSII
PO PP262013Contract with Interwest Tech Systems
PO PP279635Nor-Cal Products
PO PP299181Applied Optronics Corp.
PO PPp164701HDOS - Optics Polishing Technology
PO PS276989Larsen Machine
PO PX045667MIT
PO PX139071Proposal For Richard Fischer
PO PX175078Battelle Laboratories
PO PX178798Shell Pipeline Corp.
PO PX293078GNB Corporation
PockelPockels Cell
PolicyManagement Policy
PoligonPoligon Park Architecture
PolymarThe Polymar Corporation
PomonaPomona College
PorcelainPorcelain Metal Corporation
PorterPorter, Taylor
PowerSite Power Supply
PPProcurement Plan
PPACPre-program Advisory Committee
PpbmPsl Pdr Board Members
PRPublic Relations
PraxairPraxair, Inc
PrecisionPrecision Seals & Manufacturing
Preliminary DesignPreliminary Design
PresentationInformation About Presentations
Press ReleasePress Releases
prestonPreston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds
PricePrice Waterhouse - CIT Auditors
PrincetonPrinceton University
Program PlanProgram Plan
Progress ReportMonthly Progress/status Report
Project ControlsProject Controls
Project ManagementProject Management
Prop MgmtProperty Management
ProposalProposal For. . .
Proposal EvaluationProposal Evaluation
PSCPhilip Services Corp.
PSIProcess Systems International, Inc.
PSI2Professional Services Industries
PsijeffPsi Jefferson
PSLPre-stabilized Laser
PSTPhase Shift Technology
PSUPennsylvania State University
PSURGPenn State University Relativity Group
PTProcess Traveler
PTIProgressive Technology Inc.
PTSIPreferred Telephone Systems, Inc.
PublicationVarious Publications
PUDPower Utility District - Hanford
PumpVacuum Pump/pump System/station
PurduePurdue University
Pure AirePure Aire Corporation
PurswellsPurswell's Pump Co., Inc.
PZTPiezoelectric Positioning Technology
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QAQuality Assurance
QAPQuality Assurance Plan/procedure
QCQuality Control
QDCQuality Design & Construction
QEQuantum Efficiency
QEDQED Technologies International, Inc.
QfpiQuality Foam Packaging, Inc.
QHQuiet Hydraulics
QHCBQuiet Hydraulics Change Board
QmcQuantum Mechanics Corporation
QTQualification Test
QTAPQualification & Testing Acceptance Plan
QTRQualification Test Review
Quality ControlQuality Control
Quarterly ReportQuarterly Report
QuotationQuotation Bids From Companies/contractor
QuoteRelease for Quote
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RaapRadford Army Ammunitions Plant
RaiRohrer Associates, Inc.
RAMResponsibility Assignment Matrix
RamaRama Research Institute
RanorRanor, Inc.
RCMRecycling Mirrors
RDResearch & Development
RDPReview Data Package
RDSRDS Wire & Cable
RDWRequirements Definition Worksheet
RecRaytheon Engineers & Constructors,
RegentsLa State Brd Of Regents, Office/fed Prog
RehovotRehovot Instruments, Israel
ReidReid Pump and Supply
ReissuedReissued for Construction as Noted
Reissued FABReissued For Fabrication as Noted
Reissued Fab/ConstReissued for Fabrication/Construction
Reissued Fab/ShipReissued for Fab/Shipping
Reissued FDRReissued for FDR
Reissued FDR UPDReissued for FDR Update/Construction
Reissued LAReissued for LA
Reissued LIGO/InfoReissued to LIGO for Information
Release FDR Pro/FabRelease for FDR Prototype Fabrication
Released FABReleased for Fabrication
ReliabilityReliability Plan
RelocationRelocation Of Ligo Staff
REOResearch Electro-Optics Inc.
ReoscReosc Optique
RequirementsRequirements Document
Requirements ReviewRequirements Review
Research CommunityLigo Research Community
Resonant CavitiesResonant Cavities
REUResearch Experience For Undergraduates
Rev BrdReview Board
Rev MtgReview Meeting
ReverberationReverberation Time
Review PanelReview Panel
RevisedIssued for Revision
Revised (Overall)Revised (Overall General Revision)
Revised FABRevised for Fabrication as Noted
RevnsfLigo Review Committee For The Nsf
RfRf Prototype Systems
RFARecommendation For Action
RFCRequest For Change
RFIRequest For Information
RFI RB013Fabrication of Advanced LIGO Suspensions
RFPRequest For Proposal
RFP EJ223Geotechnical Field Monitoring/testing La
RFP EJ224Surveying Support Of Construction - La
RFP EJ278Cryopumps for Vacuum Bakeout in WA
RFP EJ279Provision of Fluorel Components
RFP EJ283Calibrated Leak Assembly
RFP EJ291Electrical Services for Bakeout, Hanford
RFP EJ-312Elec. Cont. Serv. For BT Bakeout - LA
RFP EJ-350Landscape & Erosion Control, LA
RFP IP251Polishing Of Ligo Mirror Blanks
RFP IPGS-511SEI Mechanical Structure Prototype
RFP IPJH-328VME ADC Module Design & Production
RFP JT214Optical Design And Analysis/ligo Optics
RFP JT222Beam Tube Enclosure, Hanford
RFP KD201Polishing Tech Demo/Pathfinder Test Mass
RFP KD203Site Preparation For Aerial Survey
RFP KD215Beam Tube Fabrication/installation
RFP KD226Nd3+ Laser Procurement
RFP MH149Beam Tube Modules
RFP MH166Environmental/Geotechnical Investigation
RFP MH178Ligo Vacuum Equipment
RFP TL234Alignment Requirements at WA and LA
RFP TL240Beam Tube Enclosure Installation-Hanford
RFP TL24140 Meter Reference Source System
RFP TL261Surveying Support, Livingston
RFP TL262QA Testing/Reporting - Livingston
RFP YM199Technology Demo Of Coating Process
RFQRequest For Quotation
RFQ EJ236Porcelain Coating Of Baffles
RFQ EJ285Portable Power Cable, Bakeout Vac BT
RFQ EJ288Portable Electr Power Panelbrd Assy - WA
RFQ EJ290Landscaping - Livingston
RFQ EJ298Hanford Staging Building
RFQ EJ299Mechanical Maintenance - WA
RFQ EJ-302Fiber Optic Trunk/Phone Line Install, LA
RFQ EJ-305Maintenance Services, Livingston Site
RFQ EJ306Copier Machines for LIGO
RFQ EJ-314Staging Building, Livingston
RFQ EJ-315Mechanical Maintenance Services, LA
RFQ EJ-350Landscape/Erosion Control, Livingston
RFQ IP264C970215-00-i, Infrared Interferometer
RFQ IP271In-Vacuum Hardware/SEI
RFQ IP272Damped Coil Springs/LIGO SEI
RFQ IP273Damped Coil Springs/LIGO SEI
RFQ IP280LOS Weldments
RFQ IP282Fabrication of LOS Fixtures/Components
RFQ IP294LOS Alignment Fixtures
RFQ IP301Fab/Install Cable Tray, WA
RFQ IP303Scissor Table Assemblies
RFQ IP304End Test/Pick-Off Telescope Mech. Desgn
RFQ IP-311Creep Measuring Fixture
RFQ RA-124Cleanroom Fabrication and Assembly
RFQ RA-126Test Stands
RFQ RB001Communcations System - LHO
RFQ RB004Communications System for LHO
RFQ RB007Lab/office Space in Annex Bldg
RFQ RB009Digital Copier Scanner Printer for LIGO
RFQ RB023Accumulators
RFQ RB323Liquid Nitrogen for Livingston
RFQ RB331Furnish/Install Multimedia Syst at LLO
RFQ TL243Fused Silica Mirror Blanks
RFQ TL284Optic Trunk & Analog Line Install. - WA
RFQ TL289Heating Blank Relay Panel Assy - Hanford
RFWRequest for Waiver
RGARGA Software
RiskRisk Decisions
RITRochester Institute of Technology
RMAReport Of Materials Analysis
RMPSResults Measured Performance System
RMSTRussian Ministry of Science/Tech
RoadAccess Road
RobisonRobison Construction, Inc.
ROCRecord Of Conversation
RODARecord of Decision/Agreement
RofReosc Optics, France
ROGExperimnt Ricerca di Onde Gravitazionali
RogersRogers Surveying, Inc.
ROMRough Order Of Magnitude
Rough GradingRough Grading
RovancoRovanco Piping Systems
RPCCRichard Price Construction Company
RpciRichard Price Contracting, Inc.
rrReadiness Review
RRQ EJ230Beam Tube Baffle Serrations
RsiReview Of Scientific Instruments
RSSReference Source System
RTSReflectivity,Ttransmiss,Scatter Scanner
RTSCReid Tool Supply Company
RubiconRubicon Technology
rutherfordRutherford Appleton Laboratory
RXTERossi X-ray Timing Explorer
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S2Science Run 2
S3Science Run 3
SagnacSagnac Interferometer
SAGWIGStanford Adv. Grav. Wave Interferom. Grp
SaiaSaia Electric Inc.
SalarySalary Reviews/issues
SapphireSapphire Crystals
SASSeismic Attenuation System
SauviacSauviac & Dang, Livingston-Telescope
SBIRSBIR Program - Adv. Laser Development
SBTSiemens Building Technologies, Inc.
scStorage Computer
Scattered LightScattered Light
SCBCSouthern California Braiding Co.
SccSpokane Construction Council
SchedulesMilestones, Schedules, Activities
SchobersSchober's Machine & Engineering
School BrdLivingston Parish School Board
SchwartzSchwartz Electro-Optics
SciSelland Construction, Inc.
sci runScience Run
ScienceSCIENCE Magazine
Science IntegrationScience & Integration Meetings
Science ReviewScience Review
ScientechScientech, Inc.
Scientific CollabScientific Collaboration
SCMSCM Consultants, Inc.
ScopeScope Of Work
SDDSoftware Design Document
SdlSdl Incorporated
SDPSoftware Development Plan
SESouthern Enterprises of SE L.A., Inc.
Seal LaborSeal Laboratories
SecSite Security
SecuritySecurity Insight
segaleM.A. Segale, Inc.
SEISeismic Isolation Subsystem
SeismicSeismic Measurement
SelectionContract Or Site Selection/Process
SeniorSenior Flexonics, Inc.
SerialSerial Numbers/Serialization
SerranoSerrano & Cone, Inc.
SerrationsBaffle Serrations
ServoServo System
SESStoneway Electric Supply
SettlementSettlement Survey/Readings - LA
SewageSewage System
SFSitework & Fabrication
SFISenior Flexonics, Inc.
SFTShort-Time Fourier Transform
ShamrockShamrock Constructors, Inc.
ShannonShannon & Wilson
ShellShell Pipe Line Corporation
shoberShober Machine
ShsSpokane Hardware Supply, Inc.
SISeismic Isolation
SieStoller Interdisciplinary Enterpris
SiebeSiebe Environmental Controls
SigmaSigma Consulting Group, Inc.
signMonument Signs at Sites
SignatureSignature Authority
SimmonsSimmons J. Barry & Associates
SIOMShanghai Institute of Optics/Mechanics
SIPSingle In-line Package
SISSeismic Isolation Stack
Site OpSite Options
Site PreparationSite Preparation
SJSuperior Jig, Inc.
SJISuperior Jig, Inc.
SKCAGSalish Kootenai College Astrophysics Grp
SlettenSletten Companies
SlovakSlovak Academy of Science
SLUSoutheastern Louisiana University
Sm Angle ScatSmall Angle Scattering
SMACSingle Mode Acquisition Code
SMCStandard Material Certification
SMCCSun Microsystems Computer Company
SmithSmithsonian Institute
SmkSMK Construction Co. Inc.
SMMSamson Metal & Machine
SOSmall Optics
SOCShell Oil Company
SoilSoil Studies
SOPStandard Operating Procedure
SORLSpace Optics Research Labs
SOSSmall Optics Suspension
SourceSource Selection
SouthernSouthern University and A & M College
Southern IndustriesSouthern Industries
Southern UnivSouthern University
SOWStatement Of Work
SowdohState Of Washington, Dept. Of Health
SPSpecialty Components
SpaceSpace Optics
Space RequirementsSpace Requirements
SpacecraftSpacecraft Specialist
SpcShell Pipeline Corporation
SpecialtySpecialty Components
SpecificSpecific Plating
SpectraSpectra Laboratories, Inc.
SpectrumSpectrum Engineering Corporation
SpindlerSpindler & Hoyer, Inc.
SpiralSpiral Mill/material
SpiriconSpiricon Laser Beam Diagnostics
SpliSpectra-physics Laser, Inc.
SquareSquare D
SRSeismic Retrofit
SRDScience Requirements Document
SRESun River Electric, Inc.
SRRSystem Requirements Review Meeting
SSSupport Services
SS UL GroupStochastic Sources UL Group
SscSuperconducting Super Collider
SSISpacecraft Specialist, Inc.
SSMWSouthbridge Sheet Metal Works
SSSSecuritas Security Services, (aka BISS)
SSTScientist/Student/Teacher Program
SSULStochastic Sources UL Group
StaffStaffing/Personnel Issues
StaffordStafford Construction
StagingStaging Building
StanfordStanford University
StarStar Design
Star ServStar Service
StationsCorner, Mid, Or End Stations Of Bldg
StatusMonthly Status Meeting/Report
STESoil Testing Engineers, Inc.
StimpelStimpel-Wwiebelhaus Associates
StohrLinda Stohr Customhouse Broker
StokesGeorge Stokes
StoneStone & Webster Enginering Corporation
StorageStorage Of Assemblies
StructuralStructural Drawings
STSSignal Track Search
SUStanford University
SUBRSouthern Univ. Baton Rouge, LA Campus
Sun Sunservice Team West
SuperSuperior Custom Controls
SuperiorSuperior Custom Controls
Support EquipmentSupport Equipment
SURIBM Shared University Research
SURAS.E. Universities Research Assoc.
SurfSurf Program
SurveillanceSurveillance Report/visit
SurveyingGround/aerial/accuracy Site Surveying
SUSSuspension System
SUS Assy40m Suspension Assembly
SusdbmSus Drr Board Members
SVSpecialty Vacuum
SymposiumScience Symposium
SynchSynchrontron Building
SyracuseSyracuse University
System EngineeringSystem Engineering
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Table TopTable Top Review Meetings
TalkLIGO Science Talks
TAMATAMA Project, Japan
Task OrderTask Order
TateTate Architects
TAUTel Aviv University
Tax IssuesTax Issues
TaylorTaylor, Porter, Brooks & Phillips
TBLThe Blackett Laboratory
TDMTechnical Direction Memorandum
Tech BrdTechnical Board
Technical NoteTechnical Notes Info
TechrevTechnical Review
teiTesting Engineers, Inc.
TelosTelos Corporation
TEMTotal Energy Management, Inc.
Test MassTest Mass
TexcanTexcan Cables, Inc.
TgplTranscontinental Gas Pipe Line Corp.
TheriotAlex Theriot, Jr. & Associates, Inc.
ThesisStudent Theses
ThompsonThompson Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
ThorlabsThorlabs Inc
ThtsTht Sales
TiltTilt Table
TIMTechnical Information Memorandum
TiosThe Institute Of Space & Astronauti
TL JamesT. L. James Industrial Contractors, Inc.
TljiT.l. James Industrial Constructors,
TMATop Mass Assembly (D040370)
TMCTest Mass Chamber
tmiTri Models Inc.
Tokyo UTokyo University
Tokyo UnivTokyo University
TomkinsPaul Wp Tomkins Land Surveyor
TotalTotal Electric
TPTest Plan
TPRLThermophysical Properties Research Lab
TradeTrade Study
trainingtraining of personnel
TrautmannTrautmann & Lin
TravelTravel Expense Reports/authorization
Tri CitiesTri Cities Fleet Management Center
Tri MTri M Construction Corp.
TriadTriad Project Management Services, Inc.
TRIDECTri-City Industrial Development Council
Trip ReportTrip Report
TsTiw Systems
TSATop Stage Assembly
TsiTritek Solutions Inc.
TtmcTaylor Tool & Machine Company
TUBTechnical University of Berlin
TuftsTufts University
TULGTrinity University LIGO Group
TWGU. of Sannio @ Benevento & U. of Salerno
TwioThe Weizmann Institute Of Science
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U Of AdUniversity Of Adelaide
U Of MinnUniversity Of Minnesota
u of sydnUniversity of Sydney
U0wcUniversity Of Wales College Of Cardiff
UaUniversal Analytics, Inc.
UC-BerkUC Berkeley
UcboulderUniversity Of Colorado At Boulder
UcdUniversity College Dublin
UCIUniversity of California, Irvine
UCLAUniversity of California, Los Angeles
UCSBUniversity of California - Santa Barbara
UCSDUniversity of California, San Diego
UdfcUniversite De Franche-comte
UecUnited Engineers & Constructors
UFLGUniv. Of Florida Physics Dept. Ligo Grp
UIBRGBalearic Islands University
UIMUpper Intermed Mass (D040350 & D043060)
UKUK Group
UL BurstUpper Limits Burst Group
ULBUniversite Libre de Bruxelles
UndergrndUnderground Devices, Inc.
UnionUnion Issues/Members
UnityUnity Technology
Univ BologUniversity of Bologna
Univ CambUniversity of Cambridge
Univ ChicaUniversity of Chicago
Univ ColoUniversity Of Colorado
Univ HannUniversity of Hannover
Univ MassUniversity of Massachusetts
Univ MichUniversity Of Michigan
univ parisUniversity of Paris
Univ PennUniversity of Pennsylvania
Univ PisaUniversity of Pisa - Enrico Fermi
Univ TokyoUniversity of Tokyo
Univ ToronUniversity of Toronto
Univ WaiUniversity of Waikato, New Zealand
Univ WashUniversity of Washington
Unknown(unknown Organization)
UOAUniversity Of Arizona
UOCUniversity Of Colorado, Boulder
UOFUniversity Of Florida
UOGUniversity Of Glasgow
UOHUniversity of Hawaii
UOMUniversity of Moscow
UOOUniversity Of Oregon - Relativity Group
UOPUniversity Of Pittsburgh
UOSUniversity Of Southampton - Kes Centre
UOTUniversity of Texas - UTBRG
UOWUniversity Of Wisconsin, Madison
UOWAUniversity of Western Australia
URLGUniv. of Rochester, LIGO Group
US EquipU.S. Equipment Company, Inc.
USA FlexUSA Flex, Inc.
USCISIUSC Information Sciences Institute
UscostU.S. Cost, Incorporated
USDIU.S. Dept. Immigration
USDLU. S. Department Of Labor
USDOCUnited States Department Of Commerce
USDOEU.s. Department Of Energy
Use OfLong Range Use Of Ligo
USGU.S. Government
USWCU.S. West Communications
UTAGPUniv. of Texas @ Austin Grav. Phy Group
UTBRGUniv. of Texas Brownsvill Relativity Grp
UWWMUniversity Of Wisconsin-madison
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Vacuum EquipmentVacuum Equipment
ValleyValley Electric
ValvesGate Valves
VarianVarian Vacuum Products
VBVacuum Bake
VBDViewport Beam Dump
VCVassar College
VCDVacuum City Distributors
VCGWGVassar College Gravity Wave Group
VCMSVacuum Control And Monitoring System
VCSVacuum Controls System
VEValue Engineering
VECVector Electric & Controls Inc.
VectronicsVectronics Microwave Corporation
VehiclesVehicles - Auto Certificates of Title
VEIValley Engravers, Inc.
VenturaVentura Technology Group
VFCVacuum Feedthrough And Cabling
Visit ProgLIGO Visitors Program
VmicVme Microsystems International Corp.
VomarVomar Products, Inc.
VotawVotaw Precision Technologies
VPMPValley Precision Metal Products
VSPVenturi Staffing Partners
VTIVacuum Technology, Inc.
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WafabWafab Incorporated
WageWage Determinations
WagesWage Data - Contractors
WalkerWalker & Sons Enterprises, Inc.
WaterWater System/Source for Sites
WattWatt Insulation, Inc.
wave3D-CAM, Inc.
WBSWork Breakdown Structure
WCCWoodward-Clyde Consultants
WCFPWest Coast Fluid Power
WchWashington Crane & Hoist Co.
WCIWintrop Construction, Inc.
WCPWest Coast Porcelain
WeatherWeather Stats, Records, Issues
WeeklyWeekly Status Reports/meetings
weiWei & Associates
WeizmanWeizman Institute of Science, Israel
WesternWestern Scientific
WFSWavefront Sensing System
WhcWestinghouse Hanford Company
WheelerWheeler & Gray, Inc.
WhiteWhite Shield, Inc.
WireWire Cut Company
WishaWisha Policy & Technical Services
WjsWjs Enterprises, Inc.
WjtiW. J. Talley, Inc.
WmdWestinghouse Marine Division
Work OrderWork Order
World BookWorld Book Publishing
WorleyWorley Surveying Service, Inc.
WPWave Precision (formerly General Optics)
WrightWright Laboratories
WstWelcom Software Technology
WSUWashington State University
Wsu TriWashington State University, Tri-cities
WSURGWashington State Univ. Relativity Group
WUGRAVWashington University Gravity Group
WUQMGUniv of WA Quantum Microscopy Group
WWCCWoodrow Wilson Construction Co., Inc.
WWWWorld Wide Web
WYEWye Electric
WykoWyko/Wyko Block Data Files
WyleWyle Laboratories
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X1X-1 Module, Hanford
X2X-2 Module, Hanford
XeroxXerox Corporation
XSILExtensible Scientific Interchange Langua
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Y1Y-1 Module, Hanford
Y2Y-2 Module
YagType Of Laser
YakamaYakama Industries, Inc.
YaleYale University
YegorYegoryevsk Higher Aviation Technical
YokumYokum & Yokum, Attorneys
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Zeiss CarlZeiss Carl Germany
ZgfpZimmer-gunsul-frasca Partnership
ZygoZygo Corporation
zygotechZygotech. Inc.