LIGO Scientific Collaboration Meeting Transparencies
LIGO Livingston Observatory
Livingston, LA
March 17-20, 2003
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Allen, Bruce Effects of Calibration Errors on Astrophysical Searches: Detection and Parameter Estimation
Balasubramanian, R. GEO Online Detector Characterisation System
Ballmer, Stefan fastGlitch: Filtering Time Series Displaying
Beyersdorf, Peter Status Report of Polarization RSE
Billingsley, GariLynn Advanced LIGO Test Mass Material Selection Status
Black, Eric LIGO's Thermal Noise Interferometer: Progress and Status
Braginsky, Vladimir New Topologies for LIGO III
Brown, Duncan Online Inspiral Search Monitor
Brown, Duncan Inspiral Group Collaboration Studies
Cadonati, Laura r-Statistics for Time-Domain Cross Correlation on Burst Candidate Events
Cantley, Caroline Update on Suspension Activities for Advanced LIGO
Chen, Yanbei Quantum Non-Demolition GW Detectors
Chickarmane, Vijay Bilinear Coupling Investigations
Christensen, Nelson Metropolis-Hastings Approach for Continuous Wave and Inspiral Searches
Christensen, Nelson S1 and S2 Inter-Channel Correlations Report
Coldwell, Robert Curve Fit Data Cleaning
Corbitt, Thomas Squeezed Light in Advanced LIGO
Creighton, Jolien Overview of Calibration Use in Astrophysical Sources
Creighton, Jolien Introduction to Statistical Issues in Upper Limit Setting
Daw, Edward Results from Analysis of Two Years of Band Limited RMS Monitor Seismic Data
DeSalvo, Riccardo Glassy Metal Mirror Suspensions: An Update
DeSalvo, Riccardo An Additional Low-Frequency GW Interferometric Detector for Advanced LIGO
Evans, Matthew Lock Acquisition in LIGO
Finn, Lee Samuel Analysing Event Data
Frede, Maik Status of Laser Zentrum Hannover Laser Program
Fritschel, Peter LIGO Commissioning Update
Giaime, Joseph Piezoelectric Pre-Isolation and Microseismic Feed-Forward for S2
Goda, Go Keisuke Frequency Resolving Spatiotemporal Wavefront Sensor
Gonzalez, Gabriela Calibration Stability in S2
Grandclement, Philippe Analysis Methods and Template Family for an Efficient Search for Precessing Binaries
Harry, Gregory Predicting Thermal Noise in Initial LIGO Interferometers
Harry, Gregory Thermal Noise in Advanced LIGO Core Optics
Jackrel, David Advanced LIGO High-Power Photodiodes
Katsavounidis, Erik Bursts: Statistical Issues in UL Searches
Khazanov, Efim Preliminary and Remote In Situ Monitoring of Weak Distortions in Core Optics
King, Peter Advanced LIGO PSL Design Requirements
Klimenko, Sergey Violin Modes: S2 Line Noise Investigation
Klimenko, Sergey Burst Analysis in Wavelet Domain for Multiple Interferometers
Landry, Michael Autocalibration
Lantz, Brian External Pre-Isolation Progress on the Seismic Retrofit
Lazzarini, Albert/Wiseman, Alan Status of Data Analysis
Leonor, Isabel S2 Reduced Data Set Report
Leonor, Isabel / Marka, Szabolcs /Shawhan, Peter Introduction to Hardware Signal Injections
Mackowski, Jean-Marie Mexican Hat: Substrate Corrective Coating
Marka, Szabolcs Science Run 2 (1st half) - Detector Timing
McNabb, John Pinpointing GW Source Location from Time-of-Flight Information
Melissinos, Adrian Detection of High Frequency Gravitational Waves at LIGO: University of Rochester Application for LSC Membership
Mitrofanov, Valery Effect of Heating on Dissipation of Mechanical Energy in Fused Silica Fibers
Mitrofanov, Valery Investigation of Electric Charges on Fused Silica Test Mass
Miyakawa, Osamu 40m Laboratory Upgrade Progress Report
Mohanty, Soumya Change Joint Detection in the Time Frequency Plan
Mow-Lowry, Conor SQL Related Experiments at the ANU
Mueller, Guido White Light Cavities
Mukherjee, Soma MNFT: Robust Detection of Slow Nonstationarity in LIGO Science Data
Munch, Jesper Gingin High Power Test Facility Review: Optics and Lasers
Munch, Jesper High-Power Laser for Advanced LIGO
O'Reilly, Brian Background to the Calibration
Papa, Maria Alessandra Comparing the ULs from the Frequentist and Bayesian Pipelines
Rakhmanov, Malik Study of Cavity Field Dynamics of High Frequencies with the H1 Interferometer
Rakhmanov, Malik Correlation Function in the Coincidence Analysis for Laser Gravitational-Wave Detectors
Reitze, David Report of the Optics Working Group
Riles, Keith Report on the S2 Run
Riles, Keith Introduction to the Detector Characterisation Sessions
Riles, Keith Summary of the Detector Characterisation Sessions
Robertson, Norna Status and Issues for Quadruple Pendulum Design
Robertson, Norna SWG Summary
Route, Roger Absorption Studies in Sapphire Crystals and Optical Coatings
Rowan, Sheila Thermoelastic Dissipation in Inhomogeneous Media: Loss Measurements and Themal Noise in Coated Test Masses
Sanders, Gary The Status of LIGO
Saraf, Shally Status of High Power Laser Development for LIGO at Stanford University
Shawhan, Peter S2 Data Access Report
Shawhan, Peter Advertisements for PHYSTAT 2003
Shoemaker, David Advanced LIGO
Somiya, Kentaro Concept and Current Status of Japan 4m RSE
Strain, Kenneth AIC Summary
Strain, Kenneth Advanced LIGO Sensing and Control; Readout Schemes for Advanced LIGO
Summerscales, Tiffany A Test for Non-Linear Couplings: Results from S1
Sutton, Patrick Calibration testing
Thorne, Kip Mexican Hat (Flat-Topped) Beams for Advanced LIGO
Ugolini, Dennis Proposal for Trinity University Participation in LIGO
van Putten, Maurice GRBs and Their Contribution to the Stochastic Background Radiation in GW
Vecchio, Alberto GW Pulsars in Binary Systems Sco X-1
Weinstein, Alan Wavefront Sensing for Advanced LIGO
Weinstein, Alan Use of Detector Calibration Information in the Burst Group
Weinstein, Alan Hardware Burst Injections in Pre-S2 -> S2
Weiss, Rainer LSC Meeting Issues
Weiss, Rainer Discussions at LSC Executive Committee
Whelan, John Calibration in Stochastic Sources Searches
Willems, Philip Suspensions Update: The View from Caltech
Willke, Benno Lasers Working Group Summary
Willke, Benno Test of High Power Lasers for Advanced LIGO
Wiseman, Alan Report from Executive Committee Meeting
Yakushin, Igor Waveburst DSO: Current State, Testing on S2 Hardware Burst Injections
Zhao, Chunnong Status of the ACIGA Gingin Research Facility
Zotov, Natalia Relative Timing of Glitches: Information from Ptmon
Zweizig, John Data Quality Investigation