LIGO Scientific Collaboration Meeting Transparencies
LIGO Livingston Observatory
Livingston, LA
March 20-23, 2002
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Amin, Rupal Faraday Isolators and Electro-Optic Modulators for Advanced LIGO
Anderson, Stuart Radio Pulsars
Anderson, Warren Time-Frequency Searches and Supernovae
Andersson, Nils E7 Line Noise Investigation
Barton, Mark Advanced SUS Model in Mathematica (Part of Norna Robertson's Presentation)
Baumgate, Thomas The Late Binary Inspiral in a Quasi-Adiabatic Approximation
Beausoleil, Ray Melody/Matlab - Object-Oriented Model of Gravitational-Wave Interferometers Using Matlab
Berger, Beverly The View from the NSF
Beyersdorf, Peter Polarization Techniques for Interferometer Control
Bhawal, Biplab LIGO As It Goes from Cold to Hot State: E2E Simulation Studies
Bhawal, Biplab E2E's Physics Tools
Blackburn, Kent Update on the LIGO Data Analysis System
Bose, Sukante WSU Relativity Group's Proposal for Joining the LSC
Brown, David Rotational Instabilities in Core Collapse Supernovae
Brown, Duncan Binary Inspiral Templated Search Code
Campanelli, Manuela The Lazarus Project: Modeling Gravitational Radiation from Coalescing Binary Black Holes
Chickarmane, Vijay Vetoes at LLO Due to Cattle-Guard Events
Christensen, Nelson IUL Vetoes
Christensen, Nelson Inspiral Parameter Estimation Via Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Methods
Christensen, Nelson E7 Correlations
Daw, Edward Band-Limited RMS and Peak Monitors
DeSalvo, Riccardo Tools for Low-Frequency Gravitational Wave Interferometric Detectors - Glossy Metal Flex Joints
Dimmelmeier, Harald Gravitational Waves from Rotational Supernovae Core Collapse: New Relativistic Simulations
Dupuis, Rejean Known Pulsar Search
Finn, L. Samuel Roundtable Remarks
Finn, L. Samuel Science Performance Monitor
Finn, L. Samuel Detection as a Statistical Process
Fritschel, Peter Low-Frequency Cutoff in Advanced LIGO
Ganezer, Ken First DR FFT Results on Advanced LIGO Using Perfect and Imperfect Optics
Giaime, Joseph 2-DOF External Active Seismic Isolation Test
Giaime, Joseph Microseism Feed-forward Correction at LLO
Gomez, Roberto The Pittsburgh News
Hughes, Scott Compact Body Inspiral Into Massive Black Holes
Hughes, Scott LISA International Science Team Working Group
Hughes, Scott Self-Confusion
Ito, Masahiro Event Analysis Tool
Iyer, Bala Current Status of PN Computations of Binary Inspiral
Johnson, Warren ALLEGRO Performance During E7
Kidder, Lawrence Evolution of Binary Black Holes: A Progress Report
Klimenko, Sergei H2 - L1 Correlated Noise
Klimenko, Sergei E7 Line Noise Investigation
Klimenko, Sergei X-Correlation in a Wavelet Domain for Detection of Stochastic Gravitational Waves
Klimenko, Sergei Line Monitor
Koetter, Karsten Detector Characterization of GEO600
Landry, Mike The Mechanics of an Engineering Run Amplitude Calibration
Landry, Mike Absolute Calibration of IFO Control Signals
Lantz, Brian Current Work on Hydraulics for LIGO I
Lazzarini, Albert LSC Computing Committee Report
Lehner, Luis UBC: Words from the 2D Trenches
Lehner, Luis Merger Phase Simulations of Binary-Systems: Status
Leonor, Isabel LIGO Reduced Data Sets
Lindblom, Lee Gravitational Waves from Accretion Induced Collapse of White Dwarfs
Lueck, Harald GEO600: Status and Performance in the E7 Coincidence Run
Marka, Szabolcs Notes on Single and Multi-Detector Timing
Matzner, Richard Source Modeling and Waveforms - Required Components
McClelland, David Experimental Demonstration of Squeezing in a PR Interferometer
McClelland, David ACIGA
Mendell, Gregory The Knownpulsardemod DSO and SFTs
Mitrofanov, Valerii Measurement of Electric Charges on Fused Silica Test Mass
Mitrofanov, Valerii Dissipation of Elastic Energy in Sapphire
Mohanty, Somiya Power Spectral Density Change Detector - DMT Monitor Implementation
Mohanty, Somiya Median Based Line Tracker
Mohanty, Somiya Detector/Data Characterization Robot - Towards Data Mining
Mukherjee, Soma Non-Stationarity in LIGO E7 Data
Mukherjee, Soma Automated Classification of Bursts with LIGO E7 Data
Olson, Tim Proposal for Salish Kootenai College Participation in the LSC
Owen, Ben The Advantages of a Well-Modeled Signal
Penn, Steven Bicoherence Monitor
Penn, Steven Coating Loss Measurements in Thin Fused Silica Substrate
Prince, Tom LISA Science Requirements
Raab, Fred Tidal Compensation Update
Rahkola, Rauha absGlitch: An Absolute Threshold-Based Glitch Monitor
Rahkola, Rauha Searching for Gravitational Wave Bursts Using External Triggers for Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs)
Rahkola, Rauha The Transient Reference Catalog
Rezzolla, Luciano Source Simulation Work in Italy
Robertson, Norna Conceptual Design for Advanced LIGO Suspension
Romano, Joseph Astrophysics from Stochastic Background Measurements
Romano, Joseph Triggered Search for Gravitational Waves
Romano, Joseph Stochastic Background - Monte Carlo Simulation
Romano, Joseph Summary of Stochastic Upper Limit Group Activities
Rowan, Sheila Silicon as a Low Thermal Noise Test Mass Material
Rowan, Sheila Thermal Noise in Sapphire - Summary and Plans
Sanders, Gary State of the LIGO Project
Saulson, Peter End-of-Meeting Report to the LSC For the Burst Group
Saulson, Peter PSL Glitches
Saulson, Peter "Instrumental" Interpretation of the Burst Search
Scheel, Mark Source Simulation at Caltech/JPL
Schofield, Robert Intersite Environmental Transients: E5, E6, and E7 Investigations
Schofield, Robert Environmental Disturbances: E5, E6, and E7 Investigations
Schofield, Robert Three Veto Schemes
Seidel, Ed EU Astrophysics Network Overview
Sergeev, Alexander LIGO-IAP Laboratory Research Report
Shawhan, Peter An Overview of LIGO Length and Sensing Control
Shawhan, Peter Astrophysical Signal Injection Studies During the E6 and E7 Runs
Shawhan, Peter Access to Data from the LIGO Engineering Runs
Sigg, Daniel GDS DMT Monitor Web Interface Demonstration
Sneddon, Peter Investigations of Mechanical Loss from Mirror Coatings in Gravitational Wave Interferometers
Somiya, Kentaro Acomplishments of Japan RSE '99-'01
Somiya, Kentaro Current Status and Plan for Japan RSE
Somiya, Kentaro Unbalanced Sideband Detection
Strain, Kenneth LIGO-III Configuration Options
Strain, Kenneth Report from Advanced Interferometer Configurations Working Group
Strain, Kenneth Report from Glasgow
Sutton, Patrick Rayleigh Monitor: A Time-Frequency Gaussianity Monitor for the DMT
Teukolsky, Saul Gravitational Waves from r-modes?
Tinto, Massimo Chebyshev Approximations to the 2PN Waveform
Ugolini, Dennis 40M Dual Recycling Experiment: Plans and Progress
Vecchio, Alberto Processing in-Spiral Binaries Computational Costs
Weiland, Uta Lock Losses at GEO 600 During Coincidence Run
Weinstein, Alan Progress on Burst Simulation
Weinstein, Alan Discussion of Statistical Methods, Tools, and Simulations
Weiss, Rai LSC Meeting Issues
Weiss, Rai LSC Meeting Final Plenary Session
Whitcomb, Stan E7: An Instrument Builder's Perspective
Wilhelm, Ralf Status of 100 W Rod System at LZH
Willems, Phil Suspension Design Requirements for Advanced LIGO
Willems, Phil Fused Silica Suspension Research at Caltech, Lately
Willke, Benno Advanced LIGO PSL - Schedule and Adelaide Update
Willke, Benno Lasers for LIGO III
Wiseman, Alan LSC Software and Other Things
Yakhno, Vladimir Application of Neuron-Like Algorithms for Extraction and Recognition of Model Gravitational Waves
Zotov, Natalia Seismic Monitor with Low False Alarm Rate
Zucker, Michael LSC Periodic Gravitational Wave Detection and Flux Constraint Group (PULG)
Zucker, Michael Status Report: Adaptive Thermal Compensation and Determination of Thermophysical Constants
Zucker, Michael LIGO Advanced System Test Interferometer