LIGO Scientific Collaboration Meeting Transparencies
LIGO Hanford Observatory
Hanford, WA
November 10-13, 2003
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Allen, Bruce SuperComputing 2003 Grid-Distributed Wide-Area CW Search
Allen, Bruce E10/S3 Hardware Pulsar Injections
Ashley, Michael LineAmp
Babak, Stas Signal-Based Inspiral Vetoes
Balasubramanian, R. Measuring Linear and Non-Linear Coupling Between Channels
Barish, Barry State of LIGO
Black, Eric LIGO's Thermal Noise Interferometer (TNI): Progress and Status
Blackburn, Kent State of LIGO Data Analysis
Bose, Sukanta Long Duration Hardware Injections of Stochastic Signals in E10/S3
Cadonati, Laura Glitch Investigations Update
Charlton, Philip Data Reduction for S3
Chatterji, Shourov The Fast Discrete Q-Transform
Cokelaer, Thomas Template Bank for Binary Detection
Dupuis, Rejean S2/E10 Pulsar Injection Analysis
Fairhurst, Stephen Inspiral Hardware Injections
Finn, L. Samuel Compiled Matlab for LIGO Data Analysis
Giaime, Joseph SWG Meeting Summary
Gretarsson, Andri Searching for Excess Noise in Suspensions
Kells, William Losses in LHO HR Surfaces
Klimenko, Sergey WaveBursts Simulation
Klimenko, Sergey Line Tracking Methods Used in LineMon
Koranda, Scott Lightweight Data Replicator
Landry, Michael Calibration: S2 Update, S3 Preliminaries
Lazzarini, Albert Combining the Two Hanford-Livingston Stochastic Background Limits in the Presence of Local Environmental Correlations Between Hanford Interferometers
Lucatorto, Tom The View from the NSF
Marka, Szabolcs On Detector Timing: The Dawn of S3
Matone, Luca The Angular Control System at LHO: Current Status
McClelland, David High Power Test Facility Report
McHugh, Martin Update on LLO-ALLEGRO Stochastic Analysis
Mendell, Greg LAL Independent Detector Response Test
Mittleman, Richard Vibration Reduction in ISC Periscope
Mittleman, Richard LASTI EPI
Mours, Benoit VIRGO Status
Ottaway, David LASTI: Program Update
Pan, Yi Physical Families of GW Templates for Single-Spin Precessing Binaries
Penn, Steven Monitoring Bicoherence
Rahkola, Rauha Status of Software by U. Oregon: SuspensionMon and GRB Notification
Raymond, Stephanie Beam Alignment and Drift of Optics
Reilly, Kaice LIGO Inter-IFO Coherence
Reitze, David Proposed Changes in LSC Publication Policy
Riles, Keith Creating 30-minute Calibrated SFT's in the Frequency Domain
Riles, Keith Summary of the Detector Characterization Sessions
Saulson, Peter Summary of the LSC Meeting
Saulson, Peter State of the LSC
Schofield, Robert Acoustic Mitigation Status for S3
Schofield, Robert S2 Intersite Environmental Transients Investigation
Shawhan, Peter Overview of E10/S3 Hardware Injections
Shawhan, Peter Inspiral Waveform Consistency Tests
Shawhan, Peter Inspiral Glitch Veto Studies
Shoemaker, David Advanced LIGO Reserach and Development
Sidles, John e2e Simulation Techniques in Quantum Microscopy and GW Interferometry
Sidles, John UW Quantum System Engineering Group: LSC Memebrship Application
Siemens, Xavier Calculation of Alpha(t) and Beta(t)
Siemens, Xavier Calibration of Data in the Time Domain
Sigg, Daniel LIGO Commissioning Update
Slagmolen, Bram High Power Test Facility -- Test 1
Sutton, Patrick RayleighMonitor Updates for S3
Sutton, Patrick SenseMonitor Updates for S3
Sutton, Patrick h --> AS_Q Filtering in the Time Domain
Thorne, Keith BlockNormal Performance Studies
Torres, Charles Tracksearch: A Time Frequency Method for GW Data Analysis
Weinstein, Alan E10/S3 Burst Injections
Whitcomb, Stan An Early Glimpse of the S3 Run
Willems, Phil Measurement of Q in Suprasil 311SV
Wiseman, Alan State of the LSC Data Analysis Activities
Wiseman, Alan LIGO-I Analysis Wrap-Up
Yakushin, Igor Waveburst Data Pipeline for Trigger Production and Simulation
Yoshiki Franzen, Ken Analysis of L1 WaveMon S2 Veto Triggers
Zweizig, John S2/S3 Data Quality Flagging