LIGO Scientific Collaboration Meeting Transparencies
LIGO Livingston Observatory
Livingston, LA
March 20-23, 2005
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Adhikari, Rana DC Readout in LIGO I
Aston, Stuart OSEM Development
Ballmer, Stefan Commissioning Progress and Plans - Hanford Observatory
Berger, Beverly View from NSF
Beyersdorf, Peter A Look at Interferometer Topologies that Use Reflection Gratings
Bhawal, Biplab Effect of Thermal Lensing on WFS (FFT Study)
Bilenko, Igor The Investigation of Thermal and Non-Thermal Noises in Fused Silica Fibers for Advanced LIGO
Blair, David High Frequency Parametric Instabilities in AdvLIGO and Methods for Their Control
Bose, Sukanta Stochastic HW Injections in S4
Brooks, Aidan Hartmann Wavefront Sensing for the Gingin Experiment
Brown, Duncan S4 Online Inspiral Search
Brown, Duncan InspiralMon
Cannon, Kipp Using Condor for On-Line Data Analysis Within the LIGO Science Collaboration
Cantley, Caroline Update on Advanced LIGO Suspension Design and Technology Development Towards the Quad Noise Prototype
Cantley, Caroline Development of a CO2 Laser Machine for Pulling and Welding of Silica Fibres and Ribbons
Cenac, Marc Status of StochMon
Chelkowski, Simon Experimental Characteristics of Frequency-Dependent Squeezed Light
Corbitt, Thomas Progress on Radiation Pressure Induced Squeezing
Coyne, Dennis Maraging Steel - SEI Perspective for Round Table Discussions
Coyne, Dennis Advanced LIGO Update
Desai, Shantanu Block-Normal Based Veto Analysis
DeSalvo, Riccardo Non-Periodic Dielectric Mirror Coatings
DeSalvo, Riccardo Flat Top Beam Interferometer to Depress Mirror Thermal Noise
DeSalvo, Riccardo Passive Attenuation for the LIGO Output Mode Cleaner; HAM SAS
DiCredico, Alessandra Glitch Investigation with kleinWelle
Findley, Tiffany Modeling the Input Optics with e2e
Fritschel, Peter Initial LIGO Updates
Frolov, Valera Commissioning Progress and Plans: Livingston Observatory
Giaime, Joseph SWG Research Report
Gonzalez, Gabriela S3/S4 Calibration
Greenhalgh, Justin Maraging Steel - SUS Perspective for Round Table Discussions
Greenhalgh, Justin Blade Spring Measurements and Results
Hanna, Chad ASi Glitches for BNS Vetoes
Harry, Gregory Suspension Thermal Noise in Initial LIGO
Harry, Gregory Material Downselect - Rationale and Directions
Hayler, Tim ETM Structural Design Summary
Heurs, Michele Experiments with a Single-Mode Laser Diode Pumped NPRO
Jackrel, David Advanced LIGO Photodiode Development
Jones, Gareth Search for Spinning Black Holes in Aadvanced LIGO: Parameter Tuning of HACR
Klimenko, Sergei BurstMon Diagnostic of Detector Noise During S4 Run
Lantz, Brian Progress in Seismic Isolation and Alignment on the Technology Demonstrator at the Stanford ETF
Leonor, Isabel Searching for GRB-GWB Coincidence During LIGO Science Runs
Lu, Patrick Gaussian to Super-Gaussian Diffractive Optical Elements
Mandic, Vuk Hardware Injections in S4
Marka, Szabolcs On S4 Time Stamps
McHugh, Martin Calibration for the Allegro Resonant Detector - S2 and S4
Mitrofanov, Valery Cold Damping of Fused Silica Suspension Violin Modes
Mitrofanov, Valery Nonstationary Electrical Charge Distribution on the Fused Silica Bifiliar Pendulum and its Effects on the Mechanical Q-Factor
Mittleman, Richard Seismic Developments at LASTI
Miyakawa, Osamu Advanced LIGO Optical Configuration Investigated in 40M Prototype
Munch, Jesper ACIGA Status Report: Gingin High Power Test Facility
Munch, Jesper ACIGA Laser Technology - 10W and 100W
O'Shaughnessy, Richard Expected Compact Object Merger Rates
Ottaway, David LASTI Program Update
Ottaway, David TCS and IFO Properties
Owen, Benjamin The Pulsar Upper Limits are Already Interesting!
Pan, Yi Recycling Cavities Degeneracy Problems and Solutions
Raab, Frederick "Astrowatch" at LIGO Hanford Observatory
Rakhmanov, Malik LIGO Detector Response at High Frequencies and Its Implications for Calibration Above 1kHz
Reitze, David LSC Publication Policy
Reitze, David Initial LIGO Upgrade to 30W: Implication for the Input Optics
Riles, Keith Summary of Detector Characterization Sessions
Riles, Keith Detector Characterization Needs
Robertson, Norna Seismic Isolation for BSC Optics from SUS+SEI - Update
Robinson, Craig Time-Critical GW Searches
Romie, Janeen Update on Advanced LIGO Suspension Controls Prototype Developments
Santostasi, Giovanni PulsarMon Update
Saulson, Peter LSC Council Meeting of 03/22/05
Saulson, Peter LSC Meeting Summary
Savage, Rick Summary of Recent Measurements of g Factor Changes Induced by Thermal Loading in the H1 Interferometer
Schnabel, Roman Low-Loss Grating for Coupling to a High-Finesse Cavity
Schofield, Robert S4 Environmental Disturbances
Sigg, Daniel In Vacuum Detection with Mode Cleaners In-Vacuum
Strain, Kenneth GEO600 Detector Status Report (S4)
Stuver, Amber A First Look at Burst ETG False Triggers: BlockNormal and SLOPE
Summerscales, Tiffany Extracting Supernova Information from a LIGO Detection
Thorne, Keith Spectral Lines in S3/S4
Thorne, Keith BlockNormal Near-Online S4 Burst Analysis
Torrie, Calum Controls Prototype ETM Suspension
Ward, Robert DC Detection Experiment at the 40m Lab
Wen, Shyang HEPI S4 Performance
Whitcomb, Stan State of the LIGO Lab
Winkelmann, Lutz 50W Laser Concepts for Initial LIGO
Wiseman, Alan Summary of the LSC Data Analysis Activities
Zweizig, John S4 Data Quality