LIGO Scientific Collaboration Meeting Transparencies
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Cambridge, MA
November 19-20, 2005
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Closed Sessions [password req'd]

Allen, Bruce Einstein@Home Update
Ballmer, Stefan Pictures from LIGO The Radiometer
Bizouard, M.A. Burst Search Paper Status
Brown, Duncan S5 Online Analysis
Cadonati, Laura Status of the AURIGA-LIGO Joint Burst Analysis
Chatterji, Shourov Update on the Status of the Joint LIGO/VIRGO Burst Search
Creighton, Jolien Status of the Review of the S4 LIGO-only Untriggered Burst Analysis
Dietz, Alexander Report on Analysis on Coincidences of Inspiraling Objects with Gamma Ray Bursts
Fairhurst, Stephen Update on the Status of Joint LIGO/VIRGO Inspiral Searches
Fotopoulos, Nick Toward Enabling the H1-H2 Stochastic Search
Goggin, Lisa Status of Black Hole Ringdown Search
Heng, Ik Siong LIGO-GEO S4 Analysis Update
Katsavounidis, Erik S5 Burst Searches: First Look at Outline and Plans
Landry, Michael General Outline of S5 Plans - CW Group
Mandic, Vuk Stochastic All-sky Search with S4 Data
Matone, Luca Analysis of the Pulsating Tail of the SGR1806-20 Hyperflare
Mendell, Gregory Stackslide Summary
Mendell, Gregory Stackslide Update
Pitkin, Matthew S3 and S4 Time Domain Known Pulsar Search
Ray Majumder, Saikat Inspiral Burst Search: S4 Playground Results
Rodriguez, Andres S3 MACHO Playground Results
Saulson, Peter Thoughts on S5 Burst Saerch
Shawhan, Peter The S4 LIGO-Only All-sky Burst Search
Shawhan, Peter Review Committee Comments on S2 F-Statistic Analyses and Paper
Shawhan, Peter Principles and Protocols for S5 Burst Searches
Sigg, Daniel Status of the LIGO Detectors
Smith, Joshua The Status of GEO600
Vecchio, Alberto /Papa, Maria Alessandra Coherent Wide Parameter Space Search for Periodic GW in LIGO Data: All-Sky Search and Sco X-1 Results
Weinstein, Alan Review of LIGO-TAMA S2/DT8 BNS Joint Analysis
Whelan, John Stochastic Search with LLO and Allegro S4 Data