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High Sensitivity Accelerometers for Gravity Experiments
Bertolini, A.
PhD Thesis, Universita di Pisa (2001)

The Polarization Sagnac Interferometer for Gravitational Wave Detection
Beyersdorf, P.T.
PhD Thesis, Stanford University (2001)

Modelling the Performance of Interferometric Gravitational-Wave Detectors with Realistically Imperfect Optics
Bochner, B.
PhD Thesis, MIT (1998)

On Measuring the Stochastic Gravitational Radiation Background with Laser Interferometric Antennas
Christensen, N.L.
PhD Thesis, MIT (1990)

Studies of Laser Interferometer Design and a Vibration Isolation System for Interferometric Graviational Wave Detectors
Giaime, J.A.
PhD Thesis, MIT (1995)
P950008-00-R (Abstract)

Thermal Noise in the Initial LIGO Interferometers
Gillespie, A.D.
PhD Thesis, Caltech (1995)
P950006-00-I (Abstract)

A Study of Thermal Noise
Kovalik, J.M.
PhD Thesis, MIT (1994)
P940017-00-R (Abstract)

Quantum Limited Optical Phase Detection in a High Power Suspended Interferometer
Lantz, B.
PhD Thesis, MIT (1999)

Frequency Shifting of Laser Light Using Single Sideband Modulation and Carrier Suppression
Lantz, B.L.
BSc Thesis, MIT (1992)

An Optically Recombined Laser Interferometer for Gravitational Wave Detection
Lyons, T.T.
PhD Thesis, Caltech (1996)
P960035-00-I (Abstract)

Testing Dynamic Thermal Compensation of Optics for Use in LIGO II
Marfuta, P.
BSc Thesis, MIT (2001)

Signal Extraction and Optical Design for an Advanced Gravitational Wave Interferometer
Mason, J.E.
PhD Thesis, Caltech (2001)

Alignment Issues in Laser Interferometric Gravitational-Wave Detectors
Mavalvala, N.
PhD Thesis, MIT (1997)
P970013-00-R (Abstract)

Dynamics of Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors
Rakhmanov, M.
PhD Thesis, CIT (2000)
P000002-00-R (Abstract)

Signal Extraction and Control for an Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detector
Regehr, M.W.
PhD Thesis, Caltech (1994)
P940002-00-I (Abstract)

Noise Analysis of a Suspended High Power Michelson Interferometer
Saha, P.
PhD Thesis, MIT (1997)
P970012-00-R (Abstract)

Issues in the Detection of Gravitational Radiation
Stephens, M.
PhD Thesis, MIT (1992)
P920009-00-R (Abstract)

Experiments With A Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Antenna
Zucker, M.E.
PhD Thesis, Caltech (1989)

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